One Step At A Time 

It’s not often that I lather, rinse and repeat as per the shampoo directions but it was necessary recently. I was sufficiently dusty enough that I actually washed my hair 3 times.

I was tackling the next project in line towards completion of the basement. There was a lengthy discussion about the design elements on this one and I “won”. Which doesn’t happen that often as usually we reach consensus but not this time. He wanted to go in an entirely different direction. Which we could still do if we hate it.
In keeping with the rest of the house I didn’t want to carpet the stairs. I felt it would be more appropriate to stain them. He felt that the quality of wood was perhaps not worthy of that. I felt that painting the risers was still within the design realm of our look.

So after putting up hoarding I went to work. That was a decade of dirt and dog prints I sanded off. Plus some company stamps on the wood and paint and who knows what else. It was a messy job and my arms ached at the end. Once I started though I was committed to staying within my little “cocoon” and sweating it out.

The paint colour was a forgone conclusion with the lovely green from the fireplace wall being just the right intensity for the risers. The pictures won’t show the true colour, it’s not exactly a well lite spot for photos. Smidgen of a tricky paint job but just takes time and total attention. It’s definitely one of the more uncomfortable things I’ve ever painted as it entails a lot of leaning over. Progressive lens also make it a challenge to always have the sweet spot in the right spot.

The stringers will be stained the regular stain colour. This was a custom colour created for us 10 years ago at a speciality store. Unfortunately the stain guy retired and didn’t write down his formulas anywhere. They worked off of a basic colour and tweaked it a little. It’s close enough because, in our experience, each piece of old fir board takes stain differently anyway so there is a natural variation throughout our house. This stain actually has a formula. 

The treads of the two old stair cases are a light maple colour in keeping with the floors. That’s because they are the maple wood that’s on the main floor. That stain we don’t have so that was a trip to the hardware store and much discussion. Loads of options including one with the varathane in it. Alas we went old school so it will be a separate coat of the same floor covering varathane type product that was used on the other stairs. But we went with a gel stain which is a new to me product. 

The fact that this has many steps to the project (nice pun hey!) meant that a completed project post was not happening. So, although it is rather unusual, I’m going to do a half step (again!) post.

We (so excited because I got to help do this) laid the tiles at the walk out door and are waiting for more special order grout. I don’t think the picture does the colour justice. In the meantime Ron is drawing out the layout for the remaining floor coverings.

He’s also put up trim in the bedroom that was completed and ready to go. The other trim pieces in the main area have to wait for the flooring to go down. 

Lots of pictures and loads do progress. Good enough for a publish in my books. The final reveal in a couple of weeks I suspect.


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