Getting Close! 

Perhaps we can both sense that the end of this big project is near. We are both staying focused and pushing forward. There is, of course, never quite enough time for all the detail work but we carve out hours here and there. 

We needed these crazy expensive expansion sheets to transition from the tile to the carpet area. Holy Hanna banana the price of 4 pieces of vinyl! Once we got those we could then lay down the carpet.

With the infloor heat we had to ensure that whatever option we put down could be easily removable if there were ever problems with the lines. We went with carpet squares and cork tiles for that reason. Hardwood wasn’t an option which kind of makes us sad but that’s the way it is.

We’ve aged the carpet and cork for a few years due to being rather optimistic about how quickly we thought to do the basement. This means that we have no real concept of exact amounts and exactly what our plan was! We have this little corner area that gave us some design discussion. Then we actually had to figure out if we had enough cork.

We had also added the tile at that entrance door so had to calculate where it all started and stopped. There was graft paper, much measuring, checking of numbers and various options laid out.

One last set of marks on the concrete floor. Soon all is those lines will disappear. The evidence of all that paint, stain and varnish will be hidden over.

A few hours later we had returned the temporary furniture to its current location and sat back to enjoy it all. We still have the trim to put up around the window and the baseboards but that’s a whole different blog post someday soon I hope.


Long term we will source new/old furniture and build a custom TV/audio system “bench”.  Family pictures on the walls and the church window frame over the mantle. The little table and chairs for Annabelle to sit and colour at. A pool table for the “big kids” and our games table restored to good condition. It’s all going to come together and in the meantime it is a cozy comfortable space.

Bernie and Ron

PS I lost again. I wanted the TV over the fireplace he insisted not. Hence the fact that I am insisting on a custom built “unit” for it all.

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