Just as envisioned!

Every once in a while things turn out exactly like you envision. It doesn’t happen often so it is worth celebrating. We are extremely pleased with how the fireplace has turned out. It is 97% complete but I couldn’t wait to share how amazing it is. Just a touch up of stain (which I ran out of) and fasten the pillars and mantle to the wall.

Approximately a year ago we got working on this project and so for us that’s also a win seems we tend to take on long range projects more than short quick easy ones. Although perhaps Ron wouldn’t say it was easy as there was a lot of tile cutting involved.

Bernie and Ron

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9 Responses to Just as envisioned!

  1. Janice says:

    OMGosh – this is STUNNING ………….. looks like a perfectly engineered quilt! Congratulations to you both!


    • bernielynne says:

      Thanks so much. I never thought about it like a quilt but I guess. He did a great job of the random as we knew he would. He did say it was random other than feeling it needed a certain colour but he didn’t over think which one of them he picked up.


  2. prairieblueeyes says:

    Ditto on the stunning and, yes, it does look quilt-like, too. Beautiful!


  3. Alma says:

    Beautiful! Nice to see your hard work paying off! Enjoy! I recognize those blue sheets on the floor;)


  4. Helen Johnson says:

    Beautiful! Would we expect any less! You two are sensational craftsmen (people).


  5. Aimy Thiessen says:

    I remember you telling me all about your vision a year ago. And WOW! It’s unbelievable! Good job!


  6. Deirdre says:

    This is phenomenal!!!! I remember seeing the tiles on the floor last spring, and wondering how it would all look in the end — and wondering if the colours really would come together. Of course they did!!! Silly of me to doubt…


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