Slowly, slowly, slowly 

It’s like this every winter it seems. The list is so long and has so many projects. BUT I just won’t post here until the project is finished so it sits with no info because everything is still ongoing.

To heck with it; I’m throwing out that rule yesterday and did a post about the trim. Today’s post is about the fact that we are making tiny tiny steps towards completion on several projects. Oh and maybe have one or two new ones on the go. This of course means everything else will take longer to finish. More slowly.

So updates on projects. Heck I’m not even sure where I left off so I had to go reread the last entry prior to yesterday.

Since the winter settled in we have made a lot of progress but unfortunately it’s not at our own house. We’ve been over helping our daughter and son-in-law with a few time sensitive projects so loads of trim has been painted plus walls, new fire-place tile and built-in surround, an exterior door removed, the garage insulated and partially dry walled plus a few other items. This has taken a few Saturdays here and there plus the odd evening. On their own, with dad’s saw, they have also built a kick ass raw edge dining room table and 3 shelving type units for their front room and created a great shelving/bench unit for their front closet. She and I have also repainted some furniture although I must admit she did more of that than I did. Now they are working on redoing the master bath which was a bit of a disaster.

At home it seems we got off to a strong start but have been derailed waiting around for the odd item to be completed or be available.

First off Ron’s task was to tile the hearth and the fireplace wall. He did an amazing job of cutting the royal onyx stone and it looks incredible. He put the hearth stuff in place and is ready to do the inset but first needs to grout the floor. Of course we had to special order grout and it has taken a few weeks to arrive. So that project sits. In the meantime I can dream about how amazing it is going to look when applied perfectly random.

In the meantime I’ve spent countless hours working on wood work for the basement. See yesterday’s post called Trimming along. I am cautiously optimist that I will complete this on Tuesday. Maybe. Or maybe not. I can seem to talk myself out of varnishing pretty easily as the smell lingers for days. So slowly it will get finished.

For the past, hm, 7 years (talk about slowly) we’ve been aging the carpet tiles and the cork tiles that will be the floor covering over the in floor heat. We have pulled them out and dusted them off. In the meantime Ron has been in and out using the bbq and the smoker and has come to the conclusion we should have tile at that entrance. Which is really quite a smart idea but there went 2 hours x 2 looking at tile samples and bringing them home. We finally reached a consensus and alas, it will be about 6 weeks before it arrives. Most of the wood trim can’t go up until the flooring goes down. More slow.

I’d like to get started on sanding, staining and painting the stairs while Ron commences on the much required bannister and newel post. It came pre aged; so old that indeed it has square nails so predates 1890. It came from an old school in Ontario apparently. It will require a lot of tlc from a wood aspect and a lot of contemplation from a design aspect. Please don’t expect to see it any time soon because, you guessed it, its slow progress.

Then to add to the project list I found some picture rail on an American website when I was  ordering new picture rail hooks for the Superintendent’s Residence at the Forestry Farm House. So I ordered 40 feet of it so that I can do the second upstairs bedroom. It will be nice to start with new wood and not have to take off the pink and green paint. There is apparently a salvage place in Edmonton that we found out about recently and hope to visit someday but in the meantime we went easy on this one. Of course it will need to be stained and varnished, custom cut and secured on plaster walls. Although in the big picture this is a pretty easy project! But then I’ll start redoing frames and printing pictures and that’s a whole new tangent. 

So really we haven’t finished a damn thing. But we are plugging away. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. The days are getting longer which is awesome but that means spring is on its way and then the masonry projects start again. Perhaps the next update in a month or two will show a couple of finished items. I posted tonight because people always ask me what we are up to in the winter when I never post!

I closed last night with some of the amazing sunset photos I’ve been lucky enough to take. I shall have to see what my artistic photo for the closing section will be today.



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