Trimming along

Sometimes in the winter we need some time to recharge our batteries after a busy outdoor season of work. Despite what people believe we aren’t Energizer Bunnies and we do need some down time. Less so this year, as it is often January before we get projects underway, and we are already up and trimming along.

Ron has been busy with tape measure, saw and hammer. He’s gone through our salvaged pile of wood trim and only had to purchase a couple pieces of additional wood for custom spots. I’ve been following along with belt and palm sanders, files and true grit. It seems to me I’ve spent a lot of time scrapping paint off of trim which is totally ironic because lately I’ve been helping our daughter paint her trim!

Pen, paper & tape measure alongside some completed boards

Foreground — a tough board. Background — easy boards. Typical me I left the hardest to last

At least two coats of paint so will be fairly easy

I put this away empty why? Not driving 44 km’s for more

Scrapers, files, elbow grease and determination.



I wanted a photo of me sanding outside — he wanted a video. Really don’t know why I didn’t get at the last 6 pieces before the weather went north.

After the last piece I had hot chocolate and sat by the fire for a while.

3 separate stacks ready to go. Smelly stain here we come…

We are now ready for my least favorite part of the process; stain and varnish. I will include the mantle in the pile of work to be done and cross one more item off of my list. I’d like to say that would be it but we still need to source baseboards plus the bannister and railing will need some TLC before it is ready to go up.I’m not always privy to what the carpenter has in his next pile so unsure if that is next or if he is doing the fireplace tile. If I got to vote the latter would get my tick mark but either way it’s all good as it is progress.

Finally a couple of weekends ago I bit the bullet, pulled out the headache inducing stain and got to work. It’s always awesome to see the colour bring the wood alive and hide the little imperfections and age marks. Last weekend I pulled out the varnish and gave it the first coat. I waited the 24 hours to sand and now it sits. And sits. And sits. It’s not really more time-consuming than one evening but I would have to start before 7 and for various reasons (mostly work related) supper has been around 7 or so for a few days. Plus I’m working on a very special baby quilt so I’d rather do that than varnish for 3 hours and have another headache.

Lots of wood to stain but not lots of room

First coat always looks so shiny that I hate it but the final coat makes it better.

I started this blog post like two months ago and it has sat. Just like the wood. We have been slightly derailed helping our daughter and son-in-law with a few time sensitive projects so at their house loads of trim has been painted plus walls, new fire-place tile installed and built-in surrounding it created, an exterior door removed, the garage insulated and partially dry walled plus a few other items. This has taken a few Saturdays here and there plus the odd evening. On their own, with dad’s saw, they have also built a kick ass raw edge dining room table and 3 shelving type units for their front room and created a great shelving/bench unit for their front closet. She and I have also repainted some furniture although I must admit she did more of that than I did.

Oh yeah almost forgot. I close with a artistic photo. I’ll have to see what I’ve got as I had to turf a ton of photos on my phone because of storage issues but I do have a few more sunsets because who can resist an awesome sunset! 


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