Technically, and with an engineer it’s always technically, he didn’t lie to me. He said the plan was to move dirt with the bobcat. He just neglected to say that I’d be moving rocks by hand while he moved dirt and exposed the rocks. Turns out in four hours you can find lots and lots of rocks although the top third of this pile, in the picture, were already here.

The fall weather returned after 3 weeks with snow. It’s been warm enough to form up and pour concrete. Now the forms are down and indeed became part of our very last fire in the old pit. Plus we burnt off a dozen mortar bags and worked away on the wood piles. That’s how darn nice it’s been.

But back to the work story. He felt the drainage in that area would be better in the spring if we got some earth moved. So we moved and packed and moved. It seems really high but I can easily remember when 1/3 of it sat under water as well so obviously we need to change the grade of it. The edge of the new backfill is/was the outside corner of the old pit.

The old fire pit is gone and with it those rocks. They will become part of the rock walls. The new one seems small by comparison but it’s the same size as the one we had in the city so we know that it will work. The new one will have it’s own character for sure once he gets the rock portion of it built. Insert heavy sigh here — back to those darn rocks again.

Always with the rocks. I had no idea I a)signed on as a mason and b)have so many muscles that can ache. He, on the other hand, obviously loves rocks but maybe that’s cause he’s usually the operator although he did have to get out today to help me move a couple. He has now used the bobcat to take one kick ass rock to our front road entrance. Here Lucky is sort of posing behind it for me.

Potentially that’s it for fall work. Time to move indoors and get cracking on that list. There seems to be some motivation to finish the basement this year and I’m cool with that. It was a staging area for masonry supplies but we are going to use the front seat of the farm truck for mortar. The tools can stay outside although truly I’m not ready to think about spring and more masonry. I’m turning my hand to wood for a while and maybe some paint!

I usually try to end these posts with an artistic photo. This was last nights sunset — I’m such a sucker for them. I just love the colours and how they change. Then tonight there was a super moon and so I attempted to get a decent photo. The good camera had no battery power. Ugh. So it’s a cell phone photo of really bad quality. Just try to imagine that it was good quality!  The  lights on the ground are a trio of combines eating up a field to the east of us. 


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