He Has the “Vision” 

This isn’t actually a post about a mythical seer who can foretell future events. It’s a post about what the heck my husband can envision for our rural oasis. It’s also a post about the snowball effect; how one item leads to the next leads to the next leads to ….. you get the drift.

The end result will be amazing. The end result seems a little ways away and we keep starting projects without finishing them. But he says to me that it’s all a progression and that it makes sense to do this next step now. I reluctantly agree because I’m not the boss despite what people think. The quiet engineer leads on these types of projects and I’m just manual labour with occasional design input. Who am I kidding? Most of the time he overrides my design thoughts and his ideas are usually better but please don’t tell him I said that!

This time the jump ahead did kind of make sense. We needed to pour concrete for the entrance ramp to the tractor shed. So last weekend we borrowed the bobcat from that fabulous friend Peter. Ron zipped through the excavating and forming up. A quick trip for rebar and that’s all ready to go. It will make getting in and out with the tractor much easier. Keep in mind it’s only a small amount of concrete and they charge a flat delivery fee besides paying for product. So that lead to what came next.

The patio drawings were pulled out  and reviewed. Black spray paint marks the lines of the future stone fireplace and pizza oven. So once again some excavating, a bit of work ensuring that the slope was correct, some form work and ready for the concrete.

Last year at this time we were pouring concrete for the second retaining wall without having finished the first. Now this year we are pouring concrete without having finished the second wall. Ugh. I really like to start and finish projects and not have too many things on the go at once. But this isn’t about what I want. Again with the vision and progress.

There are a couple of nice things about these projects. One is that the concrete truck can pour right into the forms because both are accessible. No wheelbarrow work required. The other is that we don’t have to wait for the last pour of the day and rush home from work. Ron can T this up for whatever time it works.

The bigger picture is that it means we are one step closer to a patio. Once we have that done we are just a tiny step away from a hot tub. Once that’s in we will create living spaces. The outdoor kitchen will come after that. Some nice comfy furniture and a book so I can watch him do the final stone work on the fireplace because I said I was finished being a stone mason when the retaining walls were complete. Ah yes now that’s my vision. Oh wait, I need a beer with that!

img_4522I have no visuals to show that happening so instead I will show you the view when the sun shines. Albeit it was only briefly but I still rejoiced and stood still to admire it. It’s been an exceptionally dull month of low hanging endless cloud cover so this break cheered me up.


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