Man Cave Score 

We just spent a little over 20 hours salvaging 350 square feet of maple hardwood from a 1920’s house. 

I can tell you one thing for sure. It’s way harder work than it looks on TV when they demo flooring. Time lapse photography wouldn’t have shown a lot of action. Of course they rarely salvage and we were taking it out very carefully. Indeed that was the engineers job. I was relegated to nail puller. Both jobs were a bit taxing on the back for sure. There were moments when it felt endless but with the help of our wonderful son we got it done today. Friday night it was just the two of us and I got a bit hangry for a while but we pushed through to finish the first room. Today we all had our own jobs and it went pretty smoothly.

This is the same house we have taken tongue and groove ceiling boards from the basement for future use in our verandah ceiling. Spencer helped that time as well.

It’s beautiful maple. Some of it has that birds eye marble effect in it. You can see close up on a few edges how much it has been sanded over the years. Still it’s in decent shape and will work fabulously up in the man cave some decade.

It seems to me that we will probably never run out of projects to do. I bet before we actually put this hardwood down we will move it about 4 more times! Then the work of installing, sanding and finishing it. 

But still definitely worth the time and effort. Old hardwood is hard to find. Also got info on a potential source of some picture railing which would be super awesome. It’s incredibly hard to find so at $.50/ft it would be worth it but we need to check profile first. That will obviously be a future blog post.

Bernie & Ron 

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