Sad and Neglected 

It would appear, despite our wishes otherwise, that fall has departed and winter is here. We are 13 days into white stuff on the ground and not just a tiny skiff.


We live optimist that perhaps we can get a few more fall projects  done if the weather switches around for a while but we doubt there will be any more rock wall progress this fall so it sits sad & neglected.



On the plus side I heard Ron say last night that this side is 75% complete! It’s amazing how much work can get done with 2 to 4 pours of mortar per day. The front side always slows it down a bit but overall the progress has been outstanding. 75% thanks to Ron; my after work and on weekend contribution pales in comparison to his hours. BUT hey his idea!! I’m even getting into the water fall concept now that I see it coming together. Plus it helped to talk with Peter about the return area as that was a bit of concern for me as I didn’t want a pond.



So there will be another year of blog updates about the rock wall. As one final rock endeavour for the year Ron took a big stone from the pile down to the entrance of our property. I truthfully don’t know what he had planned for it.



The entrance rock

In the meantime we will work on “insideish” projects. I’m not always sure what he has up his sleeve for us next. I’m hopeful, as per usual, that this will be the year we complete the basement. Time will tell.

I’ll leave you with an artistic photos to prove we do slow down and enjoy the flowers! Even if we freeze our fingers to take the photo.

Colour frozen in place

On one final note I have written an interesting blog post about an upcoming event over on my other blog. You can read about it here at Job Title.


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1 Response to Sad and Neglected 

  1. Janice says:

    I am amazed that you even have the time to blog as much as you do – and ARTISTIC photos to match! Always a great read – EXCITING times ahead – love to you both!


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