Sneak Peak 

Have you ever wondered why we built a garage with a loft and what the heck we do up there? I thought perhaps it was time to give people a tour of the loft.

The story goes something like this, depending on who is telling it. The initial measurements for the basement stairs were given to the builder and they turned up to be too short by about 3 inches. We had a couple of options; build a small landing for them or get them rebuilt and find somewhere to use the initial ones. Despite the fact that we were climbing to the basement with a ladder at that point in time we decided to do it right and have them rebuilt.

What to do with the stairs? Well that engineer is always thinking and now we have a garage with a loft. Long term plan, apparently, is a man cave. It mirrors the house attic and that’s my space so I guess it is only fair.  Meanwhile according to our building permit it is a workshop and for many years it will probably just be a storage area.

We never want to miss out on an opportunity to stockpile old salvaged wood that will come in handy. People often give us items like doors or trim or furniture. We have a few bits and pieces left over from tiling, plumbing and the ceiling. We have old furniture from when the house was Herbie’s. We have such an assortment of stuff up there! Ron spent a couple of weekends last winter organizing it all and that has certainly helped.

Yesterday we picked up some hardwood that will be used on the floor up there. We have access to more so will grab that when the time comes. I can already see it; maple hardwood, tongue and groove whitewashed gable ends, window trim & a old furniture. Sounds like a great place but it will definitely be a few years in the making.

Enjoy the tour!

And even a kitchen sink! 


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3 Responses to Sneak Peak 

  1. Heather says:

    Hey can I have the aquarium?


  2. Patti Erikson Reynolds says:

    What a treasure trove of stuff! And the kayak doesn’t look the least bit out of place! Looks like a real “old house” attic. 🙂


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