Final Coat

Well at long last I can blog that the final coat of paint is complete on the main structure of the tractor shed. First coat is always exciting; second coat is just about finishing the task.

This should have been easy enough to do but there were, of course, some issues. Time being the biggest factor. The rock wall and all the other basics make for a full summer. It occasionally rained when I planned on painting so there went a couple of opportunities.

Once I got rolling I knew it would only take a few hours to complete it as it was only the yellow that needed final coat plus two long red upper trim boards. So I was super ticked when the new can of paint that I’d picked up was the wrong colour. Obviously the wrong colour; part way through one side. Oh crap. On a Saturday afternoon 25 kms from the paint store. Which presented a dilemma about whether or not to keep going or wait for the right colour.

No surprise that I waited for the right colour, supposedly. I took the old can in and the new can and voila. Well not actually. Apparently the red nozzle was plugged so once that was taken care of it should have been good to go. Many paint splots later it seemed like the same colour. I was a bit disappointed at the time that he didn’t start over with a new can and perhaps, in hindsight, I should have insisted.

But when it went onto the wall it turns out that it isn’t the same colour. It’s still too light so another dilemma about what to do. The second time around I felt like the weather was running scared and I wanted to finish it in a big way.

So I ended up repainting the side that was 2/3 done. I’m not going to tell you which side in case you come to visit although you can probably even spot it here in the two photos that show the wrong colour. I suspect I may repaint the top half in the spring as Ron knew instantly where the paint colour was not the same.

But it’s finished. I didn’t do the fascia and soffit as the roof seriously needs to be reshingled and perhaps some of the fascia boards changed out. Once that is under way then I will do that painting. I’m ok with us reshingling this building but I do hope we hire out the house one when it time to do it.




Update: The paint store is comping us a free gallon of ginger root. Yea!

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