A Piece of History

Life isn’t about material possessions but every once in a while something comes along that calls your name. That was the case this last week.

77″ tall means it has presence!

I received an email from an antique dealer out of Davidson. She was putting an armoire up for sale that had been purchased from Herbie’s auction. Her mother remembered it being in a bedroom. She knows that we own Herbie’s house so we got first dibs.

How could we pass that up? It seems to belong here. It’s a very basic piece of furniture and really reflects the original cabinets and wood trim. I wonder if it was made by the original carpenter who built the house and was never moved out. It’s crazy tall and a decent amount of heavy.

Cool little wooden handles

We brought a few random bits and pieces with the house when it moved but nothing of serious value so it’s nice to have something that reflects the heritage.

The Watkins antique collection from Herbie’s basement

This unit will be used to store all our games in and will live in the games area of the lower level. That’s the plan at this moment in time anyway. We briefly debated two upstairs bedrooms plus the main floor one but it’s too tall for that room. It needs a bit of work but that isn’t a deterent to us.

Maybe more shelves & no hangers?

We are quite pleased with our newest purchase, if only it could talk!


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3 Responses to A Piece of History

  1. Janice says:

    How exciting for you! I love the connected history of the house and owner that keep coming back to you – karma payback for all of your good works, I am thinking?


  2. prairieblueeyes says:

    Very cool to have that!


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