Holy Moly!

I set spikes on a CPR tie gang one summer and that work “encouraged” me to go back to nursing school and study hard.

Fast forward 40 years and here I am in my “free time” doing manual labour. Seriously who in this day and age builds a frigging rock wall? I’m pretty darn grateful that Peter’s Bobcat (and earlier Dave’s New Holland) supplies a lot of horse and bucket power as using just the shovel, wheel barrel and brute strength would be insane. I know what you are thinking that we (please make that he) are crazy for this undertaking and there are moments when I would agree.

Interestingly enough though I am actually enjoying the masonry part of it this year. I’m much more confident working with the mortar and have all the rules down about stone placement. I’m kind of addicted to the progress so when we go work farther up the wall I get a bit discouraged as I love seeing the finished inches turn into feet. Ron, on the other hand, just continues steadily along and is already planning the next rock based item. Plus working on his waterfall feature. He really seems to love it so maybe when he finishes all our stuff some decade he can hire out — haha!!

The end of the waterfall. This will flow into a disappearing pond.

We have made a steady amount of progress this summer although at first it didn’t feel like it. He is reluctant to give me a percentage done but did say we have more done on this wall that wall 1. Wall 1 is impressive with its height but seems so short by comparison to this monster. We are constantly hauling rocks and buying mortar so I know we are getting somewhere.

Dirty rocks from the backfill.

I digressed, last evening, looking for the picture of me working on the rails. Interestingly enough I found the painting one I wanted to use in an earlier blog post but not the one I just mentioned.

Here are current pictures of our progress to date. We’ve now back filled for the second time and are using small scaffolding on the front side.


The back fill (from the basement dig) going to cover up my masonry skills!



Note how tiny the wall now looks on this side


Mini scaffolding

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