At Long Last 

It has taken the better part of four months but finally the “job site” is cleaned up and laid out efficiently.

Granted we couldn’t use the infill back side until we had the backfill done so that part was just a timing issue. The rest of it though took some organizing. Last year the rocks piles, cleaning area and mixing area just all seemed to work so easily. This year it’s been over crowded with rocks and none of it has felt organized until this weekend.

The big heavy machine rocks are still hanging out in the middle of the space but we’ve now got seperate spots for the front rocks, top rocks, inside rocks (which are further sorted into sizes finally) and a cleaning area. It’s definitely saving us time when looking for rocks which means more wall gets built faster.
 We are averaging four to five pours on weekends and Ron is doing an average of two alone during the week. BUT I’m sad to report that we won’t finish it this year. At this point we are sitting at 11′ completed with a height of 5′, we have 25 more feet to go with the finish height being 11′. Math isn’t my strong suit but I can tell you that it  seems like a long ways to go but we are a couple of stubborn people so we will tough out this project.

Although I hope we aren’t at it all next summer but perhaps we will be. I suggested rather strongly that next year we should do something other than a rockation. Kind of feels like three days at the lake wasn’t quite enough R & R. There needs to be a big push next year though as it’s the house’s 100th birthday and I really want to throw a bash on the verandah!!
We do stop to smell the roses and admire the view. We have company, spend quiet evenings by the fire and sleep in late. Life has a balance even when it’s hard for others to see because it seems like we work too much.

Tonight I stopped to admire how gorgeous the pink hydrangeas is. For a plant that isn’t even a year old it’s been blooming for three weeks in a row!


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