7 Feet Up

As we are forced inside for yet another rain delay it gives me a quick chance to update the blog on the wall. It feels like most of July and August have been rain delayed and yet in reality we’ve had good weather. It just seems that towards the end of a work day or on the weekend when I am off we get rain. Which is good if you are a mosquito or native prairie but bad if you are a stone mason with a “deadline”.

The tarp & rocks are kept handy.


Ah yes the sad reality that I must face. Cooler weather is looming and we have 7 feet complete. The back fill is completed on the first level and we are working our way towards the house at what seems like a snails pace. I must give credit where it is due though as Ron has done so much of it alone. I’ve worked more weekends than usual this summer so he’s been slugging away. Although today I used an entire mix on backside rocks, all by myself, while he did finishing work on the front.

The back fill was an entire weekend for him while I was at work and we are both so grateful for our buddy Peter’s bobcat. It made this dirty and back breaking job quite a bit easier but I suspect he was in and out of the machine all day to pick rocks, tamp down edges and assorted other tasks.


Some tasks are done by hand like back filling with gravel over the flexible downspout.


Here at least he could just back up and shovel from the truck.


All completed, nicely graded & ready for the next level of rocks.


Standing where the verandah is looking at the whole wall. Note the width near the house.

As usual a fair bit of time is spent picking and sorting rocks. The pile of big rocks is dwindling a bit and if you compare sides we have certainly used a lot more big rocks on this side. Stems from the fact that there were still a lot of big rocks left in the pile and we need to use them up. We set one aside to sit beside the hot tub.
We set down with Precision Paving and Landscaping (aka Peter) over a beer and a tasty meal at our house to talk options for the patio. He and Ron twisted my arm that a waterfall will be tasteful and not a tremendous amount of extra work (yeah right!). He has the info on the pump system so that is something I should check into with rain delay time. We also explored options for the patio and talked about the other masonry features (heavy sigh).


Dream big they say. Pizza oven on the right; fireplace on the left.

House blogs traditionally end with an artistic photo. The blog seems photo heavy but I know how much people like pictures so here is one last one.


An iconic prairie scene; one i never grow tired of.



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