Down the Garden Path 

Last week Ron led me down the garden path, literally. Whenever it rains the path is so wet that reaching the rain gauge to empty it was a muddy task. A few strategically placed split flat rocks took care of that. He had me walk it to ensure the spacing worked for people of all heights! A quick simple easy project done in one night.


Looking from the rain gauge out. Love the random colours.

All of the transplanted flowers and bushes from last year’s free haul have established themselves nicely this year. It’s been a riot of colour, heights and textures for most of the growing season. This is exactly the look I am going for but I’d be the first to say I kind of fluked into it. There may be a few plants that grow too big or are too invasive but I will deal with that as it arises (which actually started tonight as I had one weed in a certain plant that was taking control so it’s all gone now).


Late evening light showcases the colours and textures.

In be meantime there was momentum to keep it all looking decent. So in the last three weeks I totally disregarded what Ron suggested twice. You see perennials were on sale, like really on sale, so I felt compelled to buy a “few”. What’s a few more plants to weed around I thought. For a mere $93 I got 31 plants. Turns out I needed a few more to fill in some remaining empty spots so I returned and purchased 16 for an additional $33. I mean really who could pass them up 47 plants for that price, especially as they were from a local greenhouse and had spent all summer in an outdoor space already. I’m so pleased that most of them are already starting to establish some roots and have liked this crazy amount of rain we’ve finally had.


Flower or weed? It’s growing like crazy and the bees love it!


So unfortunately has the ground cover that isn’t truly ground cover. Oh how we wish that portulaca was really what we wanted to spread rather than the ivy or the other two plants who names I do not know. They are both starting to spread but not at the alarming rate that a weed can grow. Due to the excessive amounts of rain we’ve had it has been a challenge to get back into the garden to finish the weeding. I had done the high side when I was transplanting all the above flowers but time constraints got in the way of finishing.

The low side is the reason that Ron didn’t want me to increase the number of plants as we need to build up the driveway and do some movement of the enclosing rock edge. The driveway requires a slight widening and a height adjustment. Following that we need some more topsoil so this area is not ready for more plants.


The left side dips down and stays wet for a long time. The driveway also takes on water in that spot hence the need for repairs.

But it’s a big garden and I managed quite easily to put in 47 plants in the rest of it without it looking crowded. There was such a great selection. I’ve tried, where possible , to have 3 or 4 of the same plant spread throughout. That lower area will have to catch up in the next year or two and hopefully some of the plants will be ready to be split up by then.


New growth already occurring on most plants!

It is a big garden and so I felt that it needed some “extras” to fill space and add interest to it. It all started with the little sewing machine found in a back alley that was gifted to me. That was followed by the wringer washer top which my brother gave me. Cleaning up the yard and moving the extra radiators lead to two more big-ticket items (that aren’t ever moving again!). Now I have added an old enamel bed pan courtesy of a 60th birthday gag gift that got left at our house. I found an old children’s sleigh for $20 so that will get a couple of big pots in it. What I really want is an old cream separator on a stand so I can put ivy in to grow down. All of this was preceded, of course, by the original wagon that we moved. I’ve also, with the help of a young strong friend, dragged back some dead fall for plants to grow up and over.

The sleigh holding up the lilies and the shasta daisies.

As most gardens are it will be a continually changing vista and a source of enjoyment and work. I hope over the years to actually learn a few plant names plus spend my lunch time enjoying the view from the bench.

I usually end the house blog posts with an artistic photo and I am going to include one that Ron took with the good camera the other night.


The wagon aglow in the evening sun.


If you have any ideas about the mystery flower above leave me a comment please. Or if you have plants that need a new home left me know as I’d be happy to “help” you out!



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1 Response to Down the Garden Path 

  1. Brenda Bacon says:

    I think your mystery flower on the right side in middle picture is lamium – can bloom either purple or yellow. It REALLY REALLY spreads by runners (like strawberries) so you have to be aggressive in controlling it. But it is a good ground cover. I also dig up chunks from my garden to stick in planters.


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