In My “Spare Time”

If I can pull this off today it will be the first time I have posted back to back in eons. I might wish it was on my other blog site and more writer orientated than project orientated but what the heck I’ll take two posts in two days how ever I can.

I’ve been stealing time here and there to keep plugging away at a project that Ron has completed his share of. The last post about the tractor shed had most of the siding on and the main floor green trim painted. Ron finished up the siding, which I had primed, and then it sat for a few weeks. Gardening was commencing so the focus was on the veggies and the flowers for a while. The weeds are under control (as much as they ever are) and the produce is eaten daily at this point and doesn’t require any processing so a few more evenings have been freed up.

Ron had an week full of evening commitments two weeks ago so I wanted to surprise him. I did all of side one and part of the front on the first evening. Then I blazed on to finishing the bottom of the front and all of the third side. Then he was finally home long enough to notice. The back side took several more days to complete as did the top of the front side as it was too high for a single scaffold. This meant dragging the ladder along and painting off of it. That is never a fun time but I’m happy to report that all of the yellow and the red trim has had first coat.

I also scrapped the exterior and interior of the fascia board. It now needs to be primed as there is no paint left on it at all and then 3 coats of green. The soffit has also been scrapped and is ready to paint green. I am of the feeling this would all be much easier off of a scaffold and so may rent/borrow a second set for a few weeks.

I did not want to do the project post until the first coat of colour was complete. It has been a challenge finding enough spare time to paint but the white, which I found very glaring, is gone!  It’s not final coat and that may have to wait as I have a very time sensitive project I am working on upstairs in my attic.

I have, once again, tried a different format for the pictures. I’ve tried adjusting things several ways on the offending photos in the other posts to no avail. I am hopeful that today’s post has pictures and text that is not wonky.

As per my usual the above photo is on of my attempts of an artistic capture. The “back side” story to the picture is that one of the yearlings came up to sniff my legs while I was laying on the ground for this photo. We are, for the most part, really enjoying having the yearlings in our pasture. They certainly aren’t over grazing it but they are keeping it somewhat under control. There are definitely less wild flowers this year but perhaps the spring heat and the lack of rain for several weeks also are a factor.

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1 Response to In My “Spare Time”

  1. Brenda Bacon says:

    The shot of the cow is a VERY artistic capture – “Cow with Sunflower”. Vincent would be proud!


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