Side Two Replay 

After a mere 7 blog posts last year about “The Rock Wall” I’m going to blog about it as the first post of the spring. I am sure, without a doubt, that there will probably be 6 more about it this year. Those that follow this blog will as seriously tired of reading about it as I will be from the endless building of it. On the plus side it helps build strong muscles and it’s all outside time.   Level one looking back towards the house. It’s not as wide as last year’s wall. I think it’s the same length.   The sloop of the land is the height the wall needs to be. Somehow it seems to be less daunting than last year.  The foreground shows just some of the big rocks  we have to use up.  The working space is pretty tight this year. Pallets in the foreground are the wood to burn. Can’t fit between them and the table. To have a fire we have to move the truck. Loads of steps to pick out the next rocks. Ron addressed the biggest issue we were having by changing the grade level as drainage in that area has never been stellar.   

The spot with no grass is where the huge rock pile was. Later today I’m going to seed that area although that didn’t happen.

 And then this happened. I was fighting with my phone and the blog site so the post was backdating even while I tried to keep up. He has done a lot of mixes while I am at work.

We are busy working our way back up the wall on level two. Last year we kept returning to the house and starting there again. This year, because of slope and working space we are going back towards the house. So the end of this wall is complete, from a rock aspect. The conduit is there for the electrical but that will have to wait a while. The light was just there for the picture and inspiration about why we work so hard.

 The rains have come along at the right time and the hay crop looks pretty decent. I managed to get out for my annual photo. The air is so fragrant  everyday right now that a part of me will be sad to see it cut and baled for winter feed.


Let me know if you have issues with any of the pictures — some of them in the previous few pages occasionally show up stretched.

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3 Responses to Side Two Replay 

  1. Helen Johnson says:

    I just love the picture with the light, it will be such an awesome wall when finished. You two have done a fantastic job on the other wall (I should add, on the entire project, house, walls, etc!), keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with all your friends and family!


  2. Karin says:

    Still need to schedule a visit soon!


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