Buckets, Blades & Forks

This sounds like the title of a book that little boys would love. I suspect that my big man had fun with the bucket and blade time on the weekend. Although it would have been way more enjoyable for both of us if the wind hadn’t been quite so crazy as the dust was insane.

culvert cut in half for two firepits

We are so incredibly lucky to have access to two  Skid Steers. One is a Bobcat with wheels and the other is a New Holland with a track so they work a bit differently. The Bobcat had two options; bucket or blades so it makes it very versatile for picking up weird things and moving them. The New Holland is a work horse with its bucket that takes on crazy big rocks with ease.

This weekend we borrowed the Bobcat and this week we are going to borrow the New Holland. You guessed it — the rock wall year 4 has commenced. Oh man that statement is kind of depressing and exhausting just to type but I’m going to focus on the positives and just say we’re going to start on the LAST wall. Plus finish up the second wall and then tie the first wall into it. So again with the optimism maybe we will finish by the end of the year (and in my mind the little voice says not bloody likely) and then our buddy Peter can come and do the patio. I love living in a dream world.

This weekend was all about clean up and prep work. With the tractor shed completed from the carpenters point of view he can now become a stone mason again. Not sure how the painter is going to do both but guess I will squeeze in painting time when he is doing finishing work or when he is at soccer.


we have more firewood then we have days without the wind for a fire


We moved all the wood pallets so we have space to entertain. We moved the mixer so that it’s closer to the vast majority of the work. We moved a number of rocks, both by hand and by machine. They are all sorted and ready to go. We also put in place the first four big rocks.

hand sorting and loading rocks


Then we did a little bit of general yard cleanup. We had stockpiled the old radiators along the fence line. We went along with the blades and plucked them out of the grass. They will be loaded Up and sent off for salvage. Except for the oldest two I have a different plan for them in mind.

hook on and lift up was the concept


Last one out of the pile – now an ugly driveway mess😔


And then we did a fun easy project that has been on the back burner for a year. Two salvaged posts found a new home as an entrance to the circular garden. We had been searching for a stable “container” for them and with the help of the right tool Ron cut apart a brick chimney flue.


two minutes and it was cut


dug in and filled with rocks; sturdy in the gale force wind Sunday


That’s my artistic photo as well that finally ends a four day attempt to blog about the latest progress.


Editors note 

I stand corrected by my daughter (who knew she read these posts!)Pallet forks, not blades. A blade on a skid steer is something different entirely. 😁😁

Second editorial note. The blog site still has a few glitches with pictures and links that I’ve been trying to sort out..

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