Recognize This? 

The upside to the downside is that with 7 days to work on projects Ron is accomplishing an amazing amount. He has been focusing his time on the tractor shed and so it’s already time for an update. 

I should  back up a minute I think and qualify that he isn’t just out side but also working on professional development, financial planning along with some important networking. 

When he’s not doing that or making awesome meals in a clean house he’s outside creating. It’s still like hide and seek when I get home to figure out what he’s been working on. Then it’s usually work like crazy to get my parts caught up. In this particular case that mostly means painting.  

To create a better storage space Ron inserted a beam



New spot & new/old man door installed. Newly created windows installed


The loft required a door & a new to it window


The big door required a major overhaul; really major


Structurally sound & a fabulous colour


Siding on (primed), track painted (the proper colour!) and installed


All main floor trim final coat of paint completed


My weekend work pile to get primed


I always do one “artsy” type photo at the end of house blog posts. This one lacks colour but I love the three cows with their baby calves. I am safely on the other side of the fence in the trees but they tracked my every step. 


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2 Responses to Recognize This? 

  1. Georgina says:

    love the door!!


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