Serious Catch Up

This is a return to our house blogs. It was interrupted by an inability to post photos onto the site so the blog sat languishing while the newer one received time and attention. Now it’s time for a revival of the 1918 Eaton’s Eager site on it’s new hosting site at WordPress.

The original site seems extremely out of date when I reviewed it after the transfer and as it is our log of activity it’s important to us that it be an accurate reflection of our activities on the house and yard. So I’ve thought long and hard about the best options and have decided to do this post with links to all the posts within Equipose Life WordPress Blog. This will ensure that the time line is accurate without transferring each blog entry over as that would be extremely tedious. Even this is going to be a challenge as I have to check each entry to see if it contains that info. That doesn’t sound daunting but I also blogged about 325 times that year and tried to make my titles as interesting and intriguing as possible so that people would stop in to read. Which means sometimes it isn’t obvious from the title or the opening sentences what it’s about. I think two computers open at the same time is perhaps the way to do this but it won’t be happening overnight I can tell you that.

I isolated 44 blogs that tie in to several different projects but keeping in mind that I want this to act as a timeline I am going to attempt to lump them into project paragraphs. The last blog post on the original site was done on October 19 2014 and it was about the long but short retaining wall. At that stage the steps were almost complete and we only had a few more feet to go. I suspect that the days were getting to short for mortar and finishing work so we moved onward to our next crazy idea. I had discovered an old wagon down on the edge of a slough east of the house and thought it would look great in the flower bed. The background on how we dragged it out of the water and mud is available at the link One Crazy Idea. I must admit it looks great in the circular flower garden amongst the kick ass big rocks.


Clearly hidden in the mud, debris and grass

Fall weather then gave way to the winter of 2014/2015 and with it came some inside projects. It seems like a simple concept to hang some pictures but in an old house nothing is simple. It prompted Picture This which lead to Holy Smokes What Was I Thinking in which I tore up the room I was decorating and had an incredible mess. I didn’t leave it that way but it is several months before I blog about the entire project being completed as the last couple of photos took way too long. We call the main floor bedroom our “around the world” room as that is the name of the quilt in there and also it now has all our favourite travel pictures up there.


Creating the finish on one of the frames

While that project sat waiting for a few things to be completed we moved on to some doors. Without reviewing it I could easily not know what doors as it feels like we are always working on doors and yet they all still look ugly but that is a whole different story. Check out how this door will change that at Enter Here – Literally but just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that door is still sitting somewhere waiting for some love and attention.

The wagon, in retrospect, seems like a small crazy idea as it was easily accomplished in a couple of afternoons and then the spring drag up to the yard. Now the next few blog entries are about a bigger crazier idea that we hatched which was a result of the garage having a huge assortment of everything in it including a tractor. On a back road trip to Saskatoon one day I noticed a farm yard that was on the very edge of a new development. It was obviously slated for demolition but through the trees I could see a couple of little sheds/garages/graineries that had potential reuse as a tractor and garden shed. Plus I mean who doesn’t want to move a building? Uplifting is the story of Part 1 of the move, Deposited is Part 2 of the move. I need to review where the posts are about site preparation and the actual prep work required before and during the lift of the building back in October. The posts above were from the February move, a weekend that was forecast to be really mild and which in reality turned out to be miserably cold with fresh snow.

That weather sent us back inside to work on the basement. This is a usual winter activity and often it seems that we don’t make much progress which is why our son thinks the projects will last for 15 years. But in the winter of 2015 we completed the single biggest project to do down there. Lights Camera Action gives the background of where we were in the project and talks about ceiling tiles and lights. There will be more to come on this project as the winter and spring progress but the next entry takes place back upstairs.


Creating a light outlet on the tin ceiling tiles

Once again we are trying to finish up the frames and photos and so a Trip of Pictures is all about the progress in that project. It felt so bloody slow and annoying at that time and I wondered if we would ever get it done so there is another post called, boringly enough, Progress. By now I was getting bored with the project and was ready to move on so now I have several aspects of it moving along in the Pretty in Pictures entry.


There are usually a couple of projects on the go so that we both stay busy as it is rare we work on the same project together. This concept can be seen in the  Ta Dah entry which finishes up Ron’s major component to the ceilings in the basement and leaves it up to my hands to do the finishing work. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned as you will read in Two Steps Back  and Derailed Again. So then sometimes you have to step back and look at the bigger picture and that helps to put things into perspective again. That’s what I was doing when I wrote Neglected.

So finally there was some closure and completion, in Around our World. We started the picture framing projects in December and finally completed them at the end of April. Guess it is a good thing we are persistent or in a “squirrel” moment we would move on and never finish anything. By this point in time spring is just around the corner and it is time to get outside! Tree Planting was the first project up in the spring. New Beginnings grew from our previous post about another wagon for our property. It’s hard to say no to some gifts and this is one that we really treasurer as it adds a great dimension to our yard and looks lovely with sunsets, sunrises or northern lights.


The wagon highlighted against the northern lights. Photo courtesy of a young photographer who has been spending time exploring the skies around our property.

While it was still fairly damp and cool in the spring was a perfect time for us to jump back into action on our outbuilding and so we did the Set Down. That posts talks about missing photos so I threw in one of them here. With the building grounded it was time to switch gears as we moved ahead to the biggest craziest outdoor project to date.


Prep work well under way to set down.

This is a good place to start with the question Why? You Ask and then quickly (much more quickly than in real life) we are at Level One Complete but then we had Rain Delay and seems we couldn’t just vegetate when it rains we keep busy. Rain brings weeds and so that moves us on to Silly Me about when I did too much, which I will admit, does happen occasionally. The weather sorted itself out and so we have seven rock wall progress reports: Over My HeadDesign TimeAlmost ThereMy Focus (this one was all about keeping positive when the project seems daunting), The EndThe Reluctant Mason and finally (even logging this has seemed as endless as the bloody wall) Fall Finish. There had to be more to the summer of 2015 than a rock wall and one tiny little post about landscaping can be seen here at Presto Flowers. There were also bbq’s, friends, beer, dog walks, biking, soccer and even a bit of R & R at the lake.


Up close and personal with a few rocks!

But alas every summer comes to an end and the fall focuses us to put our outside work on hold a bit. Fall is the time of year for winterizing the trees and flower gardens which is a bit of what occurred during the Green Work post but it also talks about who does what and why. Plus it sheds a bit of light on our next big project reveal. Yes I know, we haven’t finished the last big project and we are moving on? I agree but Ron has a master plan in his head and so we have Second Side Starts. Plus my mother isn’t getting any younger and she wants to sit on our verandah in her 90th year . This means we have until the end of September 2017 to finish the second retaining wall so we can build the verandah and balcony. These are the last big build items but the last big ticket item is the patio and we are booked to have that done in the fall of 2016 by Peter and his great crew from Precision Paving and Landscaping. This means the push is really on this year.


Loving the free foliage, the wagon and the awesome fall colours in this photo.

Oops I got ahead of myself with the fall start and  concept plans so forgot to post what we did during the winter of 2015/2016. The fall weather held far longer than usual so we were Busy Little Beavers working away. There was more outside work in the next post which was all about why Ron is the carpenter because you can Trust Me I’m an ….. — yep he is pretty darn amazing.IMG_0311

Then winter did hit and we started to clean up a few projects left over from previous winters starting with Rainy Day Project. Which is ironically funny because it usually doesn’t rain in Saskatchewan in the winter. In review I believe it is the shortest blog post I have ever done with one photo and two short paragraphs! Which is ok because the next one makes up for it. In the spring of 2015 I wanted to do the perfect reveal of our amazing tin ceiling but in the end it just made the post  254 days late and in the end I never did get the video to upload that I had wanted to include in the first place. Oh well I think you will still marvel with the Magical Metalic reveal.


Clearly hidden in the mud, debris and grass

IMG_2551Our real winter project was to create a focal wall and we did some research inLook What’s Burning. Followed this up with some quick progress reports in The Heat is On and What? Productive Progress? which were posted quite close to each other. Then we did a bit more design and blogged about the Intensely Green options. Which bring the blog up to date with spring 2016 and where we are right now. I will post one more fireplace update once I complete this catch up blog and then it will be time to post about what we have started doing on the fine spring days we have already been having here.
I really don’t expect any single blog reader to follow all these links as I know it would take a significant length of time to read them all. It is a record and this allows us to trace what we have done. It’s also really good for the morale and the motivation to see how far we have come when we review where we are. We are creating our dream home.


Bernie and Ron




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2 Responses to Serious Catch Up

  1. Brenda Bacon says:

    I have read through this entire blog entry – and gone to each and every link to the original blog. WHAT and amazing project you two undertook; and the results are beyond words. I used to be a hard worker – but nothing compared to you two! Congratulations on all of your work and results. That basement ceiling is marvellous.


    • bernielynne says:

      Wow — that’s dedication that you read each and every link (and I’m super happy that they all worked). You must have spent a good portion of your day reading and I am grateful for that.
      It has been a labour of love and yet intense at the same time. We are so happy with the “end” result (even though we aren’t there yet) and love living in the country. We really love to show the house and land off so if you are ever in the area please come of a visit. We have tons of rooms and would love to have you stay with us. Most people who have read the blog and then stop in always say the same thing “the pictures don’t do it justice”.


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