Two Easy Projects

It’s not often that we start and finish something in a weekend but we have done that for a couple of weekends now so I thought it was worthy of a blog post. It feels great to do something simple and easy after 3 years of intense restoration work on the house. Although the list is very long the only major big projects are the two rock retaining walls but there are several hard landscaping projects along with some greenery landscape projects that are high on the priority list. Plus we wanted to “spruce” up some of the outdoor living space that we regularly use.

Our first landscaping project was to plant shrubs around the garden and finally get a raspberry patch going. We had a rather cool spring but May long weekend was pretty decent so we went ahead and bought and installed 42 cotoneaster bushes around 3 edges of the garden. We went to Little Tree Nursery in Martensville and Deanna gave us great advice and very hardy plants. We then set to work and in one afternoon had them all planted and with little watering wells around them. We have only had to water them twice as the weather has cooperated with keeping them moist for us. We also received 19 excellent one year old raspberries (already to go in a pail!) from our friends Pat and Alan. I then sourced, via Facebook, 29 more plants. They required a little bit more work to dig out and while I was at it pruned back the entire patch (just in case Randi doesn’t want to pick them she might remember that I was good to her plants). So we have finally started “green growing” walls around the garden. We left a spot in one corner for a garden only compost and the north side will have a tractor size gate as well. We have started to build the compost but the gate will continue to be a sheet of good old “herbie” particle board.

End of May 2014 168
The back of the new truck full of shrubs. We took the ferry across the river and had a lovely drive there and back with both of our mothers with us.


While on the landscaping part of the post I should tell you how not to plant PFRA shrubs! I hope no one will report us as bad tree people but last year we never finished planting all of the shrubs that we had received. They ended up in a 5 galloon pail and that is how they wintered. I went to clean up that area and figure out what evergreen trees to move this year and low and behold — the pail full of sticks is sprouting leaves! So we dug 46 holes and planted the very wet (and occasionally a bit slimy) roots and gave them a good water. They all seem to be doing all right last time I checked on them. It shall be interesting to watch and see how they do over the years. Who knew you could “heel in” in a pail all bunched together!!

Early June 2014 055</
A lovely green bunch of sticks in a pail! We shall see how they do.

The other easy project was to update our wicker furniture. It was looking a little worse for wear after several years of benign neglect so it was time to give it some new life. I love the first coat of colour but by the third coat of spray paint I was getting tired of the smell! And I kept having to pull it in and out of the garage as the weather has been slightly unsettled here for the last few days. The one day I did spray in the garage there was a bit of overspray and we now have forest green floors where I didn’t have covers down.IMG_4559.JPG
And the ta-da moment — already final coated and back into place looking awesome. It will look even better on the verandah some day but that is a year or two away. Hang in there Mom (my mom wants to sit on our verandah and enjoy the view) we are working our way towards it!!

And here is my artistic type picture for this post. It was taken on a water run. I actually had several to chose from but I love the simplicity of this one and the intense sky colour against the white church.


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