Where’s Bernie and Ron (sort of like where’s Waldo?)

OK — it’s a working title. I might change it. I just know that people have been asking why there hasn’t been a blog post in a really long time. Like a really really long time. It’s never my intention to go this long without posting (and indeed certainly not this time as it with the new blog site I should have used it regularly so I could find my way around without getting lost) but it felt like we didn’t make enough progress.

Let me explain what I mean by that. I’m very project orientated and once started want to finish it as quickly as is possible. I believe that my professional life has influenced this as 5 or 6 times on an average day we start and finish an operation on someone. Typically up in the attic when I am sewing I have a max of two projects on the go at one time — anything more and it seems like chaos to me. Start and finish — focus. So projects that go on and on and on and on (you get the drift) aren’t very satisfying for me and then I lose interest. And the longer I don’t blog about what we aren’t getting finished then the more I think we must have something finished after all this time or why blog at all.

So what did we do all winter. Hm — we didn’t shovel a lot of snow nor did we spend much time on the tractor with the new snow blower. We spent a lot of time keeping warm as it was a long cold winter. We had our annual ski trip (alas only one this year for me) while Ron is away this weekend with guys from his soccer team on a ski weekend. We played lots of soccer — winter season seems to go on endlessly. I’m looking forward to the break between indoor and outdoor. We went to Ogema for Christmas. Heck — what did we do?

We have been back in the basement but not making the kinds of progress that require regular blog entries and it seems not actually working on the “house” per sa.  

The real project that has taken several weekends (Ron would disagree here but the truth is that the pile is still there and this started right after Christmas so I’m not telling tales out of school) and has nothing to do with actual house progress. Ron decided, and rightly so, that the work bench was a bit “unorderly”. So he decided to tackle that first. He has done a great job with the aspects he has touched. He created a holder for all the screwdrivers, he has sorted and organized all the tools. This is so we can find things when we need them but it means you must always put everything away which then means you have to go get it out again! But the progress is lost on you all as I didn’t get a before picture.







This is the pile that still remains —

 waiting to find a home for it once it is separated.







This is the project in progress —

     sort, organize and then put away neatly.









Ron got a wine rack for Christmas and that spurred on the deconstruction of it and the emergence of it as 3 separate pieces — one of which went into the dumb waiter for red wine. The dumb waiter was due for a serious clean up and had been on my “one of these days” list so it was nice to get it organized. Now to maintain it.












The top shelf became the wine rack area — one shelf is for dog stuff, one for assorted household stuff and the bottom holds “weird items” we salvaged from the house.




March 2014 036

 We found 6 more chairs that are quite similar in style to our original 6 chairs but  all 12 required cleaning and reupholstering. So we ordered material and used attic tools in the basement to cut the fabric and the foam. Overall we are quite pleased with how they turned out. We have also done the two kitchen chairs that we bought on sale this winter. Up next are a couple more chairs but somehow I think that will probably be next winter.

March 2014 034

You have seen these boards before — they are the picture rail that I’ve hauled around a couple of times thinking I was going to start on them. Well they went from yellow, green and white to an even brown. It is an icky job to do inside and I really should have waited to go outside but I didn’t. So now they are all stained and varnished and are just waiting for Ron and I to have a weekend where it is nice enough to go out to the garage and use the saw to cut them. We don’t have near enough and have to decide which room or rooms to do so if you know of any picture rail that needs a new home remember us. I was actually thinking about putting an advertisement on Kijiji looking for some.

Well this isn’t exactly the post I was starting to go for. I can’t seem to get the pictures and the text to work in the right spots. First I couldn’t find them and now  I can’t find the save draft file that doesn’t seem to publish it right away. I have subsequently come back to it on the second evening and fixed a bunch of issues. I still can’t find the “draft” file so that it doesn’t publish right away.


I wanted to show that we had finished the wood beam in the basement and then were able to proceed with the remaining t-bar and acoustic tiles. So the last section has been covered up and it looks better but still not where we want to be. I know this is a totally uninspiring photo — but it took us forever to get this piece of wood cut and put into place, stained and varnished. It deserves it’s day of “photo”.

Late March 2014 010

 We have borrowed some tools from a friend of ours who does some “tin bashing” on the side (what mechanical guys “do” in case you didn’t know) and so Ron has painstakinginly slowly proceeded to bend and turn edges to make the large tin ceiling panels fit. The smaller flatter ones he was able to just cut which went fairly easily. The other ones — not so fast and not so easy. It makes me dizzy to look at the above picture for some reason but you can see the panels fitting into the slots. Still some ways to go — ok a long ways to go.

It’s also kind of a one person job so I got bored and did the picture rail. But now that waits for him to be free to help me hang it — has to be level and pre drilled of course as one doesn’t just hammer a nail into a plaster wall. Maybe now I can order a couple of pictures to go in the multitude of frames we have been saving.


Then I needed something else to do so now I have decided to refinish a dresser — the top will be stained and the bottom repainted in the correct colour for the spare bedroom it belongs to. And then I got bored and went upstairs to sew! I’ve done loads of that this winter but still haven’t done as many projects as I had in my head to do!

OK — I’m giving up and publishing without it being perfect. The knot in my neck from 2 hours at the computer is painful and it is past my bed time as I work in the am. Time to go put the dogs to bed and feed the kitties. Hopefully, if you are so inclined, you can find the spot to leave a comment. That’s if I can figure out how to tell you I posted.

Ah progress —




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12 Responses to Where’s Bernie and Ron (sort of like where’s Waldo?)

  1. Sherrie says:

    Found the comment button…. Great to see that the blog is still alive! Always entertaining and inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing


    • roc567 says:

      I didn’t even realize that you had been following the blog. And extra cuddos for being the first one to find the “waldo” comment button! I’m not sure where it hides but it does seem to.
      Thanks for thinking we are entertaining and inspiring. Stop in for a tour sometime when you have a bit of spare time between classes etc.


  2. Giselle Beaulieu says:

    Good job Bernie….!!


  3. Georgina says:

    you will have to show me how you did the chair reupholstery, I have 6 chairs to do!


  4. Claire says:

    Love the tin ceiling!

    I couldn’t find where to post when I first read this in the morning but was able to now since I just followed the other ones that were already posted.


  5. roc567 says:

    Hey great post but like you I can’t figure out how to leave a post / comment so I did the next best thing and replied to email! Well looks beautiful and amazing. You should be proud of yourselves with what you have accomplished . Life happens outside of work and projects and we needed you and Ron at our games!! We ended in second place and that does not happen all by its self so thanks for the help! Keep up the great work and joy all the little things . Ruth


  6. Janice says:

    I can’t find how to comment in your new format (cause I am computer challenged!) – so will do so to your personally:

    Just a tad disappointed in you Bernie! Shouldn’t you be putting aside more than the TOP rack of the dumb waiter for wine ……………..???

    You know I love you – and am in awe of all that you and Ron accomplish, with this blog as your crowning glory! I love that you have this ‘diary’ of your progress, and that you take the time to share with your friends! Thank you!


    • roc567 says:

      Haha Janice — you forget I don’t drink wine. Now if that was a beer fridge it would be big!

      Not to worry that you couldn’t find the comment spot — it seems a bit elusive as is a few things with this new site. But hey I just figured out how to leave a comment on your comment — not that you will probably go and look as you didn’t even leave a comment — just sent an email which I turned into a comment. Again it is all part of the learning curve.

      I love this diary — even if I don’t write in it very often. It is such a great record of where we were and how far we have come along. Just a little ways to the finish line!! Haha — who am I kidding. These retaining walls this summer are massive and ambitious and muscle building and an excuse to be outside in the sunshine! Look at that positive spin.

      Thanks for the email comment.


      • Janice says:

        Ha back to you, girl! I DID go back and check ……. still trying to find the comment button, though!

        I remembered that you do not drink wine ….. but I thought with all your friends that do – you know – you might think of us?

        You are always such perfect hosts, that we don’t need much to keep us happy! Talk soon!


  7. Frank says:

    Hi Bernie and Ron,

    Your website was always interesting in the past, but after visiting your house last month, these postings are so much more meaningful. Just goes to show that you cannot fully appreciate heritage sites just by cruising the Internet. At some point, you actually have to get out there and see the stuff in 3-D.

    Thanks for sharing your hard work. It really is an amazing story.



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