Summer of 2013 Pictures

I’m just working on a “random” post with pictures and a bit of text. I’m trying to work through some of the learning curve issues but I don’t have any new house project pictures to put up so decided to do a couple of random ones.

Ron and Dogs

Ron and Dogs

A picture of Ron, Breeze and Lucky. Ron wasn’t as unhappy as this picture looks! Honest.

There were many times this summer when we heard and saw the sand hill cranes. This particular time Ron captured them on camera.

Spencer and Lexi during the summer.


Alyssa and Taylor with Mia this fall.

I always get in trouble with Ron because there aren’t many pictures of me in the posts so decided I should include one. I wanted one with the heather and myself but couldn’t find one so decided to use this one that has Ron in it as well but that’s ok — we were hiking in the Peaks District National Park in England. Photo credit to Spencer.

All right. I should get back to work painting ceiling tiles so that I have an actual house project to post. I have several small projects in various conceptual stages so would like to get started on some of them soon as well. So perhaps before too long I will be back with a house/project post. In the mean time if you would like to leave a comment here I believe (or so it seems at this moment before I hit publish) that the comment section is in the top right hand size beside the title of the blog entry. We had some feed back that it worked, didn’t work, couldn’t see the blog, could see the blog, couldn’t see the pictures or everything was fine. So here’s hoping that this one works!!


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7 Responses to Summer of 2013 Pictures

  1. ap says:

    All working fine
    Lovely photos
    Nice to see some relaxation too!


  2. Thelma Dunn says:

    nice pictures of some of my favorite people


  3. Claire Bullaro says:

    These are great! Still can’t see the Walk in the Trees pic.


  4. Colleen says:

    Hi Bernie,

    Thought I would let you know that I can view your new blog just fine – photos, text, and comments. I have followed your progress with your project via the old blog- just shy about posting comments. Good to see pics of family and as well as a bit of your summer holiday.


  5. Roberta says:

    Like the update via family photos!!!
    Have a good week.


  6. roc567 says:

    Hi all,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know how things were working out. I tried from a different spot in the computer and also can’t see Walk in the Trees picture Claire. Vicki was unable to leave a comment as she gets a 404 Forbidden Section of the interior blog — so we haven’t ironed out all issues. I’m also still having some troubles signing on to it but at least it is still here and visible so that’s a plus.
    It was fun to post some different pictures. If I had spare time I’d create a second blog (maybe in BlogSpot) and post creative time pictures and some writings but alas not now while I am working full time and still working on house projects.


  7. Vicki says:

    Hi, Bernie:

    The five photos of “Summer of 2013” came through fine (nice pix!), but I couldn’t open the “Walk in the Trees”. When I clicked on the panel, which had a question mark in the middle, I got another screen with just the message “404 file not found”.

    I tried to comment in reply to the “Summer” post, but again was denied access. (See my e-mail of Nov. 9th.)

    Aren’t these things maddening!




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