Self Congratulatory Pause

This is the big drum roll – the ta dah moment — the pat on the back — the self congratulatory pause at having reached this momentous occasion — the “we’ve come a long way baby” moment.
May I present:
SIDE 1 – 2011 fall commencement and 2013 summer completion of fasica, soffit and trim board.
SIDE 2 – 2012 the hard side next which as you all know was a challenge.
SIDE 3 – 2012 we kept on going on second side which did seem a lot easier but don’t tell Ron!
SIDE 4- 2013 the last side which is the first side you see and why I wanted to start there.
I have included my flax canola composition but the rain just doesn’t allow for the colours to shine through. Flax only flowers in the morning and my two days off had rain so I guess next year I will get my photos!
We have been complete since August 8th and I had the pictures in the camera while we were in England but no way to marry them together. So at long last I have completed this entry. Our next blog entry will be from a new address as our blog will be leaving the U of S site so will be sure to include the link next time. If you are inclined to leave a comment please do so — hope I can access them as they seem to be missing from the inside link right now. And at this point the blog entry has been done since Sept 1st but I can’t post it!! URG

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