The 101th

I realized after I posted the last entry that it was the 100th entry – following it I received the 500th comment which quite made my day. That translates to 5 comments per entry although I think some have been higher (like when the city house finally sold) and some lower but it helps me realize that people are still reading it. In fact people tell me all the time that they read the entry and it makes them tired. I get tired when I realize that we bought the land and the house in the fall of 2007 and we are still at it! So in addition to this being the 101th blog entry we are also entering into our 7th year of the project. So we were a little optimist in believing 5 years but I’m betting it won’t be Spencer’s projection of 15 years either. I’m going to settle for 10 years and then it will be time for some R and R — Ron in the man cave and me in the attic quilting and scrapbooking.
As I’ve stated before the “reveal” for this side won’t come as a big surprise as everyone knows what it is going to look like. My challenge for the “after” picture was to hide the tent trailer and assorted stuff in the yard (like an old Mustang and a newish Sun Bird) so I’ve gone for an artist kind of picture. I had a lot of fun out in the hay field taking pictures actually.
There is still a titch more painting on the side I just revealed and as of tonight we have now moved some of the scaffolding around to the original starting side as we never did the soffit and fascia there. The push is on to get this aspect of the project finished up. I must admit I really didn’t think this easy side would have taken so long but it seems like every weekend for quite some time has had one rain day, we’ve had loads of sports activities on week nights and some weekends away so I guess it makes sense.
end july 2013 030.JPG
Random picture — I know some of you like more pictures than words!! Ron spotted a moose in the canola field on the way to soccer the other night so we turned around and took several photos with my IPhone. The first one was definitely the best.
We’ve come a long ways in the last 7 years and I really appreciate the blog for what a fabulous record it has given us of the project. I believe my writing skills and certainly my photographic skills have improved in that time. In the days of film pictures were always printed and then sent around (remember that Mom how I used to send down cute pictures of the kids?) and shared with family and friends when they came to visit. I think that too often digital pictures don’t really get shared except perhaps on Facebook and not everyone has or wants access that way. I have given some serious thought to creating a book via one of the one line companies that exist as I have the info right here at my finger tips. I suspect it would be a fairly time consuming and costly process but once the dust settles in a couple of years (and perhaps I retire from nursing) I think it would be a fabulous visual documentation of the project. I know that once I am ready that the Saskatoon Public Library Friday Learning sessions would like to have me come and speak and do a power point presentation. It has been such a fabulous learning experience in many ways.
The year of the canola fields! I understand that the price was at an all time high in Jan and Feb when farmers were planning what to plant and it shows. It is a sea of yellow wherever you look although we did have a couple of blue flax fields nearby but my pictures of that didn’t turn out well as my days off during the flowering were rainy in the am.
I did one blog entry about our partnership and how we work together — this hasn’t changed and we are both aware of how blessed this makes us. I also know that people believe we work too hard but I believe that we continue to appreciate what we have. I spent a couple of hours painting tonight in the calm wonderfully lite evening with the dogs lying below me and the fields glowing yellow — does it get any better than that? We daily appreciate our health and our wealth, our demanding but rewarding professions, our great young adult children, our rural space and our heritage house.
Interesting — almost the same picture as the first one with a different focal length. Makes one pause to think about how we view things in the world.
Bernie and Ron

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10 Responses to The 101th

  1. Spencer says:

    Ok so it will be at least 12 years but there is no way everything will be done in ten. Ps summer is almost gone


  2. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    A job well done. And I for one am still hanging on to summer…crappy weather aside.


  3. Peggi says:



  4. Judy Wood says:

    Love that last shot with the house out of focus in the background. I think the book idea is a good one–have been meaning to do that myself. Prices on them are not bad, and there are lots of options. Like you, I think the time thing would be main hurdle, and I have a lot more time on my hands than you do!


  5. georgina says:

    So was that moose on its way to soccer or were you??? If you reread the post it isn’t entirely clear!!


  6. Jacqueline Anderson says:

    Amazing! Truly a labor of love!


  7. Gail says:

    It is beautiful!!!!
    Maybe you could teach me to quilt when you have some free time πŸ™‚


  8. S Swan says:

    Rather than photo albums I started doing Family Yearbooks on a website called Blurb – the kids love to look at it on the end table all year long. I think documenting your project would be a great retirement project – perhaps you could get published!
    So nice to read of your progress.
    Have a wonderful summer.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice shots. You have a long story to tell but I like the pictures πŸ™‚ Kendall


  10. Kim says:

    See Bernie, I do read your blog. Great pics as always.


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