A Different Shade of White

Funny how a different shade of white totally changes my perspective on the side of the house! I am loving the white with the red racing strip down the middle because I know that soon it will be covered in trim boards and shingles and then it’s painting time and then siding and yellow and then the end!! But I guess I am getting ahead of myself.
So the last entry had the attic redone and us moving down to the main two levels. Man there was so much 1930’s dirt on this side – way more than the other sides. Did the wind predominately blow from the west during the 30’s is my question? Tonight I dusted and vacuumed the inside of the house and I hope from here on in it will be a darn sight easier to keep clean without all the dust coming through the layers. I realized that in the entries last year I never really showed the exposed walls and why time is of the essence once we start work. I showed a lot of the rebuilding process but not so much of the demolition process (which I am, weirdly enough, going to miss) and how we rebuild from the inside out.
We took off the ship-lap and pulled out the insulation – bags and bags of 1980’s blown in insulation. We then vacuumed up the space and in this picture you can see where I have and have not vacuumed. The studs that you see have the lathe and plaster on the other side of them..
Once it is clean it is ready for spray foam. This photo shows how to spend more than you make in one
day but at the same time save yourselves hundreds over the years.

You can see the areas that have been sprayed – about 3 boards at a time. In some places you have to fill up the cavity and then cut back the spray foam after it hardens.
The context of this picture is a little hard I suspect but the silver is the hand saw which is how you cut away the over spray areas. This is not a particularly fun process especially as it then rains little particles of insulation all over you.
End May 2013 015.JPG
Once all the insulation is done you put up the remaining ship-lap — but oh wait. We ran out of insulation and had to cover the exposed wall for the night — during a howling wind storm (but thankfully the rain held off).
End May 2013 019.JPG
With the insulation complete, the ship-lap and window casing boards reapplied then up goes building paper – a water resistant covering. As you can see we use the Wallace Construction brand of “Typar”.
You want to have as few seams as possible so you roll the piece on and staple as you go and cut out windows. Then you do that again on the top level and use Tuck tape to cover your one joint line. One would hope to do this on a nice calm sunny day but that was actually the crappiest day of our week off. I think if Taylor hadn’t come out to help we would not have made it before the rain storm and that the wind would have at least once dropped the roll out of my arms on the second level.
A couple of interesting discoveries along the way – this side had shingles from a different company put on it. I haven’t had a chance to do any research but I found bits and pieces of the label that was not the same as the label on the first side. We also found two pieces of cedar siding that had a label (very hard to read) but somehow I can’t find the photo of it.
So that is an update on where we are to date. I think at this point we will have to do some yard work and then commence siding in a week or so. We have evergreen trees that need to be transplanted, tree seedlings than need to be planted, a garden and a hedge to plant, fruit trees to buy and plant and perhaps some bushes and flowers to plant in the middle garden area. I have done my new mother’s day planters which someday will look so amazing on the veranda stairs but right now are living in front of the garage and by the sidewalk for a spot of colour. In the meantime when we aren’t gardening I can get to work sanding, priming and painting trim boards so they are ready to go back up.
My – now customary – artistic photo which shows a)that I do take time out to relax, b)that our natural landscape can be an awe inspiring place to walk in if you look close enough and c)digital photography is fun. I couldn’t decide which one to use so put both in.
End May 2013 025.JPG
The lichen on these rocks is so interesting and such a contrast to the lush green grass surrounding them.
End May 2013 027.JPG
Can you spot all of the “expired” crocuses in this photo? They go all spiky in a purple colour which is pale compared to the bright yellow of the buffalo beans.

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3 Responses to A Different Shade of White

  1. Peggi says:

    Nicely written as usual Bernie. Can’t wait to see the finished house!


  2. Janice says:

    Love your pictures – but you already know that! 😉


  3. Jackie says:

    You two are AMAZING! I can’t believe how much you get done plus I saw you on TV this weekend and in the newspaper today re. the Forestry Farm celebration. Congrats!!!
    I think of you often and wonder when we will get together again! We have had so many out of town guests and will continue this weekend with Blaine’s sister from Florida. I have been working on the yard but I have so much more to do. However I LOVE SUMMER and being outside so life is great!
    Good luck with the yard work and the house plans!
    Take care,


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