“spring” update

Well as everyone knows spring was not loaded properly here in Saskatchewan and therefore we are still enjoying winter. We have tons of beautiful white snow and it isn’t very cold so one is able to go outside to shovel or snow shoe without freezing, with no head covering and only light mitts. The days are so long that it makes for an enjoyable walk in the evening. We had two days of a rather intense blizzard a couple of weeks ago and so I thought I would post a few pictures of the aftermath of the event.
Even with the farm truck and the car to give the bank definition it is still hard to convey how much snow there really was in the yard.
This is after 10 hours in the bobcat for Ron – we were finally able to drive in the circular driveway. Interestingly enough most of the snow blew off the actual road.
Ron is standing on the ground with the dogs on the bank. They have really enjoyed the snow and especially our snow shoe walks.
We are by no means the only ones in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to feel this winter but it is interesting to note that the last time we had this type and amount of snow it was 1974 and we hadn’t met each other! We have spent a significant amount of time and muscle mass keeping our circular driveway clear and shoveling out when we have become stuck in our vehicles. We have ascertained three things that will occur before next winter: a) we will have a snow blower for the tractor and b)we will have a 4 x 4 vehicle and c)the tractor will be in the garage before the snow flies. But in the meantime we aren’t quite where we intended to be in the basement as we have been outside getting a gym work out without ever going to the gym! We have made some progress as you will see below.
There was a lot of cleaning up of the joist spaces and then custom cutting of rigid insulation prior to insulation. All these steps will ultimately be invisible but are none the less necessary.
This was the stage Ron had been working towards for a while and it took all of about an hour to spray foam the joist spaces that required it.
This photo shows the walls patched, primed and final coated. It isn’t a striking transformation but it was a necessary step. I just have the stairwell left to finish.
Up next is the installation of spring – haha! Just kidding. Up next is the installation of the L Bracket and the t-bar. Then each ceiling tile has to be cut down by about 3/4″ of an inch – the 24 x 24 of the modern tile is slightly smaller than the older one but that is how we are going to suspend it. I wish there was a cutting board and a rotary cutter that would work on metal so that it didn’t all have to be done with tin snips as that is really going to be time consuming.
One of the joys of digital photography is being able to experiment. I had heard that photos of quilts on snow showed up the colors quite well so outside I went one day with a heritage quilt that had vibrant colors but no good photos of it as the wall color was skewing the results. So I found out that 4 dogs and 2 cats don’t make good assistants as they want to walk in the pristine snow and that according to snow and quilts you can have too much sun even if I think you can’t. I ended up with several “flat” pictures that lacked definition so decided to try something a little different.
Set against the backdrop of some fall vegetation the quilt punches up from the snow in an explosion of colors.

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4 Responses to “spring” update

  1. Karin Closson says:

    Hi Bernie,
    Since we missed winter last year, I had said that I was looking forward to the snow! I am officially over that now!
    You could try and put a chair out in the snow with your quilt on it. I have a rocking chair that would be perfect! Better yet, see if Ron will haul a bed frame out for you. That would be stunning!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice way to show off the creative works. Kendall


  3. Jacquie says:

    I sure enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures. Keep it up!


  4. G says:

    I love your blog! :)))
    It has inspired me all this time to keep on trying to get out of the city.
    thank you for keeping me on your list.


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