Ah – The Smell of Paint

It could almost be titled “Ah – the Smell of Progress” ~~ as that is what we have finally achieved. When I signed off last time I was going to start washing T-Bar and L-Mould. I became very bored with this quickly but had no choice but to keep on going. I spread it out over several nights and finally finished on Saturday am with a vacuum of the entire basement. During the week I was pre planning and getting excited about painting so I went shopping for paint. I was thrilled when Eastside Paint informed me that primer could be tinted to the color I wanted as the undercoat as this saved me a third coat of paint!

Loads of women shop for shoes or purses or jackets or clothes. Me – I get excited buying 60% off paint brushes. It was such a good deal I bought 3!!

The best coat of paint is always the first coat of color – it is so exciting putting it on. This is the base color and the metallic paint will go on over top of this.

The problem quickly became where the heck do I put all of these pieces once they are painted!

As you can see they go on and on and on! It’s hard to imagine but I ended up with a sore thumb from holding the underside of all the pieces while I painted. I almost finished but I ran out of drying space for them.
We have decided that the metallic will go on once the T-Bar, L-Mould and the tiles are in place. It will be easier to get a more even coat if it is all done at the same time. Which means that after the second coat of paint is done all the pieces are ready for installation. We need to wait for the weather to warm up so that the spray foam can go in the outside floor joist spaces although I think next week there are quite a few walls that I can do final coat of paint on.
And in the meantime winter hangs on. Every day we get new snow and the country side is almost pristine from tracks between the snow and blowing snow. This does mean that every snow shoe with the dogs burns more calories than walking on grass! It will be interesting to see how long it all takes to melt and when the green will return. It really does look like January 17th not March 17th.

These grouse left interesting snow tracks as they walked from plant to plant this am. I’ve seen them on walks before but never this close to the house.
All right – that was just a quick update so that progress can be recorded. It will probably be Easter weekend before we make any more real inroads on this project but as spring isn’t coming early we aren’t going to be outside any time soon working on the siding or landscaping so I guess we will work inside for a while yet.
Bernie and Ron

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9 Responses to Ah – The Smell of Paint

  1. georgina says:

    make sure you have a job or 2 lined up for me, I hope to have extra time this year!


  2. Karin Closson says:

    Still wanting to come for a visit! Might have to come on a snow mobile though! This project is going to look amazing when it is finished. Can’t wait.


  3. Mom says:

    Interesting- looking forward to my spring visit – may even have a railing by then so i dont have to go down on my bum MOM


  4. Patti says:

    progress is progress! Love the grouse!


  5. Twyla says:

    Lol I don’t think I could get quite as excited about paint brushes. I was happy buying a boot tray this weekend, though. Twyla


  6. Ruth Speiser says:

    Bernie – I have always enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures. Didn’t get out to see your place last year, so hopefully this year I’ll pick up Claire and we will come out for a visit. It truly amazes me how much you enjoy painting and heaven knows you have done a lot of it.


  7. Janice says:

    I love getting excited when you are excited! And your photography is getting better and better ………. love that too!


  8. Helen Johnson says:

    Keep up the good work! Love to read your blog, however, since I am the ‘quiet cousin’, I don’t usually have much to say!!!!!!


  9. Jacquie says:

    Looks great! You’re giving me the itch to get some painting done!


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