A Titch of Progress

We have actually managed to do a fair amount of clean up in the basement and this has lead to some “odd and sod” projects being done along the way. We have replaced and repaired and sorted and organized. We have actually even tossed a few things in the garbage along the way. We helped out a refuge family with a few things from our basement. A couple of the projects were even fun!

So this is the “dreaded” door – ready for Ron to work on his portion of it & stacks of wood for assorted spots.

This is the salvaged stair newel post and trim pieces for the basement stairs – sanded and ready to stain and install. We just need to source a banister for the other side and decide what we are or are not covering the stairs with.

Note that the walls are painted but they now need to be washed (yuk – I just like painting not washing!) and the final coat of paint put on them. But before that Ron needs to do spray foam insulation up in the floor joist spaces (yuk – messy job!)

So once the cavities are filled and the walls are given the final coat of paint then it is time for the ceiling. So we had to figure out what we had as far as tin ceiling tiles and trim pieces.

As you can see there are many different styles and not all pieces cleaned up as well as others. So they will all need a base coat (still working on the exact color combo) and then the metallic paint on top.

So once again it pays to have an engineer on the project. He measured the ceiling areas, counted the trim and field tiles and made it all fit.
Here is one of the odd projects that cleaning up lead to. It was the back entrance table in Forest Grove. Ron routered the edge to soften the look, I painted the oak away and put on a new handle. Tada – a new bedside table for the downstairs bedroom.

Two of these five drawers were a steal of a antique deal ($3/each) but they were in rough shape. A bit of sanding, some stain and then a couple of coats of varnish and tada! They are now at work holding scraps in a manner that means I can find them when I want them.
So we actually have been doing something besides just shovelling snow. As we make a bit of progress here and there it then entices us to keep on going. Before we know it spring will be here and there are a couple of big projects to tackle as soon as we can get going. Hard to believe but I actually did two posts within a week! I doubt it will gather me a blog following but that, like the basement progress, feels good to accomplish. Plus it only took me 45 minutes to upload it all, write and edit so that is also progress to accomplish it so quickly.
More tada’s later. I have to go wash some t-bar pieces for the ceiling.
Bernie and Ron

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2 Responses to A Titch of Progress

  1. Barbara McFadden says:

    I can hardly WAIT to see the ceiling!


  2. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    It must feel great to be moving forward; even if it’s small steps. Beautiful house.


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