What’s Up aka Fall Hiatus

I have had several people ask me what’s up – the blog hasn’t had anything new posted on it in a while. The truth is – we’re chilling out a bit, trying to catch up on other things we dropped the ball on over the summer and keeping up with our professional lives and our fitness goals. It’s rather nice to take a bit of a break from the double whammy of professional work and construction weekends/evenings. The other issue – I didn’t have any photos other than the landscape photos I have been playing around with to use so this weekend I grabbed the camera and headed to the project areas as I know how important photos are to my blog “followers” (I’m forced to conclude they are out there – silent but reading and viewing!)

Thought I would include one of my “artist” attempts at a photo.
We have also been out doing a bit of “antiquing” – looking for that perfect piece for somewhere. We reluctantly returned Kim and Karin’s furniture when they returned home from their around the world trip ((side bar — in Alexander’s having supper with my good friend Peggi from Maple Creek and her co-worker Denise from Cabri who are up for a conference — mention my around the world friend and she mentions her around the world friend — yep!! One and the same)) and had a lot of empty spaces in our house or so it seemed. Sometimes those empty spaces are filled up by gifts – such as this pair below given to me by my lovely co-worker Marion.

Aren’t these lovely antique quilt bears adorable – they look so cute up in their chairs!
For our anniversary I bought Ron an ice box. At this point in time it is sitting where the lovely armoire was in the parlor and has the brand new wireless printer on it. Not sure what the long term plans are but I’m pretty sure that with some ice it would keep beer cold which means it might be moving to the far back porch in the distant future. Sorry no picture of it – maybe next time.
I bought an old double ring wedding quilt for the upstairs kitchen attic bedroom. The colors are very vibrant and the quilting is absolutely incredible and it gives that room the pop of color that the previous white antique quilt just didn’t. (The picture of it crashed when my iphone crashed – sorry). I also picked up two sewing machine drawers for $3/each – these need a bit of a touch up and then they will store fabric pieces in them very nicely. Our friend Deana’s fiance – Landon – is an old house lover and has been to our place so he knows the kind of “stuff” we are into. He came across this old sewing machine – sans case – in a back alley garbage pile and knew that it would find an interesting home here!

Ready for some spit and polish!

An old beauty with a few “age” spots!
We brought home all the tin ceiling tiles from being dry ice blasted. I don’t have any pictures of the process but I do have some pictures of the tiles themselves. This means that they are now ready to be primed, base coated and then painted – sounds like fun to me (no seriously I mean that). Prior to the installation of them (as a hanging ceiling) we need to clean out the space and put the second coat of paint on the walls. After the ceiling is up then we will install the floor coverings; carpet tiles and cork tiles. We are undecided floor covering for the stairs at this time as we have different opinions. We also need to source a long banister for that area although we have the short one for the stair area that is open to the basement.

Ah yes – it would appear that our children aren’t the only ones with stuff occupying space!This will eventually be the fireplace wall.

It is a pretty big pile of ceiling tiles and trim pieces – now Ron gets to put the jigsaw puzzle together!

The banister railing (from the Borden house) is sanded and ready to be stained, installed and varnished.

The pile of flooring – it’s been ready to go for a while.
We sourced some excellent wood from Sutherland. It was one of those weird right place right time stories – I was driving to the Forestry Farm to do some volunteer stuff and went down 115th Avenue and then decided “no with my luck I don’t want to go through three school zones so I turned left onto Laura Avenue to go back up Central Avenue. At the corner of Laura and 115th is a building that Ron and I have always wondered about the history of – looks like it was once a stone school (but we know it wasn’t the Sutherland school) but converted to a house. So now it is obvious that it is being renovated and there is a big pile of interior trim wood on the lawn. Quick stop by my vehicle!! I went in, talked briefly with the workers to get the contractor’s cell number. Two hours later I was back to pick through the pile and take what I wanted home. Glad we drive an SUV and that I have the “pipes” to sort and haul lumber. There were several good sections – picture rail, door trim and crown mouldings (although they aren’t the same as the ones in the house they would be good for the man cave windows). There was also a fabulous pile of doors by this interesting little old building in the back corner of the lot and I had a chat with him about those also so hopefully we’ll have first dibs when the owners finish picking through for the one door that they want as a keepsake. If you know the house I mean and the story behind it please fill us in. Now back to the regularly scheduled blog entry – this was a sidetrack similar to the trip down that street!

Some prime salvage interior wood here – a great find and worth the load, unload and slivers!
Ah yes – the living space in the basement will have a gas fireplace as we put the rough in for that several years ago. A few years ago we also picked up a mantle from an antique store going out of business. A year or so ago I picked up a second one at Habitat for an absolute song – I couldn’t walk by that antique wood and not buy it – some women buy purses, shoes and shirts – me I buy old wood! So now we just need the fireplace. Well one day at work Ron gets a phone call from our neighbor – he used to work for FMD and is busy now cleaning out and downsizing his yard. He has stored the original fireplace inset from the President’s Residence at the U of S for several years – he couldn’t bear to let it go to the landfill when they switched it over to a gas one. He wondered if it might fit anywhere in our old house (( side bar – his yard and house have since been sold to Brett Husky – who grew up around the corner from us in Forest Grove and indeed baby sat our children a few times)). It is now residing in our garage and we will figure out how to incorporate it into the gas inset.

The distance view – a few cracks in the back liner but the front is amazing!

Check out the details!

Option 1 – from Habitat for a pittance! It does have the side supports they just don’t show up in the picture.

Option 2 – the antique store option. I’m pretty sure which ever one we don’t use will be snagged up by Alyssa!
So the man cave (aka the garage) is getting rather full of bits and pieces. We did take a weekend to sort and organize but unfortunately we didn’t get the horse tack moved so we could shuffle the wood pile down so we could get the tractor in. He did find time to hang the deer heads though as that was a lot easier of a task. That same weekend we also did a ton of outside work and took control of the grass and weeds around the house! Alas they are now all covered in snow but it helped us formulate a plan for spring time work order.

Man cave entrance!!
So that is what we haven’t been up to – all I did was go take pictures of the upcoming projects. We don’t have any pictures of the invisible things we’ve been up to but it still feels good to get them accomplished. I’ve also been busy gearing up for the 100th anniversary of the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park (former Sutherland Forest Nursery Station) and that has been eating up more than it’s share of time. Then there are the suppers we’ve hosted, the dessert clubs we’ve been to and the drinks we’ve shared as we have tried to catch up with friends that we missed over the busy construction season. And now, of course, Christmas season approaches and it is time to do more entertaining but we are thankful daily we have the house and the means to provide a relaxing enjoyable evening for all involved. Stop by some time – you’re more than welcome. Special thanks go to those who follow and comment on the blog – nice to know you are out there ad enjoying my ramblings and photos.
Bernie and Ron

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8 Responses to What’s Up aka Fall Hiatus

  1. Jacquie Anderson says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog and I admit I’m guilty of being often silent. I especially love your artist’s attempt at a photo – looks pretty professional to me. I could picture that hanging on my wall.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope I live long enough to see it all- paticularly the fireplace. Nice job so far, I am proud of both of you MOM


  3. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Great fireplace mantels! And all that wood trim! I love those happy accidents too. Enjoy your break from the constant house reno!


  4. Judy says:

    Very interesting post. Lets me enjoy my own “old stuff” scavenging desires vicariously. That tin ceiling is a daunting project, but how great it’s going to be!


  5. AP says:

    If you had a “like” button on the blog it would always be loaded!!!


  6. cyndi cunanan says:



  7. Terra says:

    Oh I love the fireplace mantle from habitat … The black one! If you can’t find a place for the ceiling tiles or those singer drawers … You know where to send them 😉 Great post!


  8. Barbara McFadden says:

    Very enjoyable read, Bernie, and your photos are really good, I think!


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