Reveal Time

Not an original name by any stretch of the imagination but it is, at least, a working title for the concept of this blog.
It seems like quite some time ago, perhaps because of the snow on the ground and the cold outside, when we finished the second side for the year. The weather held for the finishing touches but each night it turned to dusk just a little bit earlier and it was a stretch to get tasks completed after we got home from work.
So without further ado here are the pictures of our work this year.

From near the Ponder’s Lake looking up towards the house. This picture was actually taken with the telescope lens as it is actually quite a distance away.

This picture is looking towards Ponder’s Lake and the incredible fall scene of thousands upon thousands of snow geese, Canada geese, cranes and swans. We were lucky enough to catch the swans in flight.

This is taken from the walking path – my usual tree with the house photo spot doesn’t show the front of the house so I had to move over a little. The fall colors were so intense this year and lasted quite a long time.

The front view – tada! I actually painted the header where the veranda roof line/balcony floor line will be as I wanted it to look finished even though there is more construction to come in a couple of years.

This photo shows the two completed sides and gives you a great idea of what the whole house will look like when complete.

This shows the detail work on the second floor and the nice contrast of colors.

A close up of the attic vent which Ron created and installed. We kept a template so a third one can be created for the remaining side. It was then camouflaged with paint.
We then had a bit of time to do some grounds work like water and weed around the trees. Ron did a serious amount of grass control and then we cleaned up the garden – which yielded very well considering I weeded it twice and that was the only attention that it received. Ron took the scrrens out and I washed all 31 windows which brighhtened the house and got rid of the construction dust. Since the weather has turned cold we have tried to take a bit of time to catch our breath. Ron has been busy at work trying to stay on top and I’ve been catching up with a few projects here in the house and even doing a little quilting.
It would appear that our nest is actually empty and that the boomerang children have almost settled into their own nests. We miss them but are glad that they are moving on to the next chapter of their lives although they did leave a “bit of stuff” here! Which will make the next project start with a major clean and declutter. The basement commences after Christmas so if they ever read the blog they have been put on notice that they only have 2 months left! We are picking up the cleaned ceiling tiles tomorrow and have scored an amazing fixture for the basement that I will fill you in on with the next blog entry.
Until next time.
Bernie & Ron

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11 Responses to Reveal Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great photos!


  2. Peggi Holmes says:

    It looks fabulous, can’t wait to see it for real!


  3. Sherrie Graham-Busse says:

    Love watching the transformation!


  4. Patti Erikson Reynolds says:

    Greetings from sunny Houston. Your place is looking so good. Can’t wait to see the ceiling tiles! Very cool.


  5. Anonymous says:

    You never get all the kid stuff out I still have Billy Joe downstairs — perhaps she could be your attic sentinel to keep the ghosts quiet pictures are nice Mom
    My mom got me! She’s right – my walking doll is still in her basement! She would look good on the attic I think or lying on a bed.


  6. Georgina says:

    you deserve some time off now that summer is done. looking forward to doing some quilting in the attic!!


  7. Jacquie Anderson says:

    Beautiful you guys! I admire your attention to detail!


  8. Trona says:

    Beautiful, Bernie!
    Mark and Rae still remember visiting “the 100 year old house with the mouse skeleton in the staircase”!
    Have a great week!


  9. Maria says:

    Dear Bernie,
    Your incredibly gorgeous photos make me homesick for SK!
    Wishing you and your gang a happy Hallowe’en and a wonderful November!
    warmest hugs,


  10. Melanie Rempel says:

    It is looking so awesome Bernie! All your hard work and attention to detail is not going un-noticed. I still want to make that Sunday afternoon drive out your way and see things for myself.


  11. Roberta says:

    All I can say is “it looks wonderful- like a happy family home of the prairie and I’d love to have a personal tour!”” Great work!
    Hope you are cozy and enjoying it as I type this. 🙂
    Take Care
    Your old nursing buddy


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