A Helping Hand

Starring (in order of appearance)
Helen and Lorne Johnson
Bhavna Pooni
Spencer Cruikshank
Georgina and Erica Hindmarsh
Greg and Janice Hales

As you can see this isn’t your usual blog entry – this one has guest appearances!
On Saturday morning I finished up the walk out wall paint job while Ron started building scaffolding on the south side (well south according to him but east to me – but that is another whole story which I have touched upon before). When I finished painting the scaffolding was dismantled and moved around. Saturday afternoon & evening were spent at a delightful and fun filled wedding (but we forgot the real camera – darn it) and then we crashed an engagement party on our way home for a couple of hours!

Special guest appearance but not as a work crew! Jordan and Shelby Hamm and wedding party.
So Sunday morning was not an early start – not at all! We started at the top like usual and took off the vinyl and the cedar siding on the dormer. We were just starting to remove the ship lap and un insulate when a red van pulled up. Helen & Lorne – complete with work gloves!! Helen played groundskeeper – a job I usually do after the whole day of demolition. She moved cedar shingles, dona conna board, vinyl siding and pulled a swack full of nails from trim boards. Lorne got the dirty job of helping Ron and I to un insulate. Our lucky day so despite the tardiness of the start we had extra help for two hours and what a difference that made. To top it off Helen left us puffed wheat cake (one of the two baked items she is famous for) and watered the planters.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of Helen and Lorne helping but thought I would include the view they saw from up top (note how green everything still is). Helen climbed up for a look around and Lorne is an old hand at climbing to work.
Monday we got cracking a lot earlier and put in a 12 hour day but didn’t quite reach our goal for the day. We managed to remove both sidings on the next level, the ship lap and partially insulate our way back up on the second floor. We were so lucky that the weather held while the wall was exposed. No grounds crew that day so the place was seriously looking worse for wear.
Tuesday we sprayed our way back up the wall until we ran out of spray foam. We had to make a city run to return extra scaffolding, drop off salvage tin and pick up more spray foam. Once home Ron got back to work spraying and I started pulling more nails from more trim boards. We then hit the main floor and stripped off the vinyl and this is when Bhavna showed up. She helped me finish that up while Ron moved the scaffold supports. Then we played grounds crew and loaded up the truck! The only thing left laying around is a humongous amount of cedar shingles and siding!

For this she was awarded a BBQ steak supper with new garden potatoes and some time in the country.
Wednesday we awoke to light rain so that sort of changed the plan for the day as we didn’t feel we could strip back the main floor with rain in the forecast. We did remove the cedar siding and all of the trim and had a discussion (but no decision) about the height and depth of the veranda and balcony. We also removed all the fascia board and scrapped and sanded the soffit on the third floor. Then Ron set to work using the little cans of spray foam around all the window cavities as well as the doors while I primed the new fascia and trim boards, soffit and windowsills (outside as the rain clouds disappeared without any precipitation). Spencer showed up and helped his dad put up Typar on the dormer.

That earned him of his favorite suppers – sausages and home made pyroghies.
Thursday we got back at the un insulation and re insulation portion of the program. Pulling nails on the ship lap endlessly it seems and then bag after bag of old insulation. I had managed to keep up with boxing the tar paper and all the dona conna board is stacked up ready to burn but the wood under the scaffolding is out of control.. We look like we are losing the battle with keeping the fire wood pile under control! We were able to finish most of the insulation but didn’t get all of the ship lap screwed back on.
Friday was filled mostly with some of the invisible jobs – deck screws in ship lap and the window framing boards back up,etc. Finally late late in the afternoon (technically it was early evening) we started putting up the Typar building paper on the main two levels. Saturday had a lot of rain in the forecast and we wanted to get it wrapped up so onward we went despite the howling wind. It actually went very well and we were able to complete it although the light was failing and it had dropped about 10 degrees since we started. Persistence was a good thing though as we had 1 1/2 ” of rain with winds on Saturday and it was nice to know the “envelope” on that side of the house was intact.

Erica’s helping hand earned her some cash and our thanks.

Georgina’s helping hand earned her a huge thanks from us – no food or drink and as an added bonus to me she came bearing a gift of some landscape quilt embellishments! I feel bad as she got the ugly job of scrapping trim boards but thanks to her they are now sanded, primed and some even have two coats of paint on them already!
Rain meant we woke up and went back to sleep on Saturday am and then we watched soccer for a little while! It was actually a very productive day though as we cleaned up and organized the garage so we would have space to work and then we restored window trim boards and painted. So that meant on Sunday we could start the rebuilding process although soccer, post game drinks and discussion rather cut into our Sunday afternoon work day. And this was followed by our helping hand supplied by Greg and Janice Hales – a fabulously delicious home cooked meal complete with garden veggies and great company. It was a wonderful way to end a long week.

No picture of our evening meal out but a photo of the weeks worth of work instead.
I would be remiss if I failed to thank the following colleagues who turned up at work for me last week so I could be at home. Found out that there were those that did miss me – which is always a nice feeling. The theory is that the heat savings will outdo my lost wages in no time at all.
Monday – Shelley
Tuesday – Chelsey
Wednesday – Kim B.
Thursday – Brenda
Friday – Lori L

Our week went very smoothly and it was such a treat to have some helping hands and smiling faces show up to brighten our days. We have faced the reality though that this will be the last side we do this year. It will take us a couple of weeks to finish the rebuild and get it all painted and chalked. That leaves us in late September and weather could be a big factor in that to use the spray foam insulation the temperature must be 20 and it is hard to guarantee that late in Sept. So we will turn our hands to a few other jobs that need to be done around the yard and perhaps even get some footings poured for the retaining walls. We even have another weekend off planned for those who think we work too hard.
Many hands do make light work as my mother says and it was a pleasure spending time with our guests this week.
Bernie and Ron

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2 Responses to A Helping Hand

  1. Georgina says:

    you mean I could have gotten food out of the deal!!! Didn’t know that was an option.


  2. Bhavna Pooni says:

    Bernie and Ron … I am absolutely grateful for your generosity and endless kindness. I feel blessed to have met you. You always make me feel right at home. Thank you for opening your hearts and home to me. Special thanks to Breeze for showing me around.
    You are a true neighbor. Mr. Rogers would be proud. I would help you out anytime ….. Especially with crackers and salted onions 😉 kisses to the chef.
    Bhavna Pooni


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