R & R Time

Most people seem to think that Ron and I work too hard on this project of ours and that we don’t take any time to relax and smell the roses. So I’m here today to prove that we do indeed do R & R. I guess a point to note is that not everyone “relaxes” in the same way. Ron’s soccer is his biggest source of “relaxing” and mine would be walking the dogs and swimming (especially in the summer when I get to swim outside!). I know that both of those are seen usually in the fitness category but for us they are R & R activities. TV isn’t a big item in our house although Ron does watch the news while I read for enjoyment quite regularly. I also take a moment every day to enjoy the sunset although I’m trying to cut down on the number of sunset pictures I take! I’ve been focusing on flower shots this summer and would actually quite like to take a photography class when I retire.
So, even though we are seriously behind our “projected” schedule, we took 5 days off and went down to Diefenbaker Lake for some serious R & R. On our rain day there I actually had a nap – it was more like a SNAP (short nap) but still I laid down and went to sleep even if I did wake up 10 minutes later. We both did quite a bit of reading, relaxing in front of the fire, a game or two of backgammon and lots of walks for the dogs. The weather (after the first rain type day) was perfect and so we had two great afternoons at the beach with our friends the Hales and the Stades plus of course Breeze and Lucky. We cooked over an open fire and drank a little bit of beer (well OK maybe quite a bit of beer!) and had a killer game of Dirty Queen’s with the our dessert club friends.

Home away from home – our trusty tent trailer. It required some work this year and so I made cushion covers and “bedroom” curtains. It still requires some electrical work but I guess that will be next year before we pull out.

Appear to have lost our axe so required a new one – the Master Chopper picked it out and man it’s solid! Good thing he enjoys chopping wood as I would have had to use the hatchet! Even on the rain day we kept the fire going all day long and cooked supper on it.

We also required a new Kong for the dogs because no beach time is complete without Breeze swimming for long periods of time to fetch the Kong. Lucky is the stealer of the Kong as she hits the shallow water. He actually can swim but it puts a worried look on his face and he definitely doesn’t like waves. Nothing slows Breeze down.

Once we convince the dogs they are tuckered out then we lay around and read or chat or nap along with a snack and a liquid refresher – a great beach afternoon. The water level is so high that there is very little beach and so we are actually just up on the other side of the dune.
A good time was had by all and we returned home ready to turn the corner – of the house that is. Well that’s what we wish but it isn’t a reality yet but that is the next blog post.
Bernie and Ron

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9 Responses to R & R Time

  1. : ) Saw your request on facebook. What do I find relaxing?? Mostly… I like quiet. I don’t get that much. So late nights alone out on the balcony listening to the trees… or early mornings outside with coffee and my journal. I could walk forever… and love being in water.
    Glad you got R&R!!
    : )


  2. ap says:

    Looks and sounds like a great time to me!! Glad you went!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Summer is the best! looks like lots fo fun i am off to do the same!


  4. shadab says:

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  5. Gary Cruikshank says:

    What is with the chopping wood in sandals. Didn’t your father teach you anything.
    Glad you had a good time away. We are off to Summerland this weekend.


  6. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Looks like a great getaway! We’ve just returned from our lake retreat and are hoping the rains stay away so we can get our haying finished! Happy to hear you’ll be on the next side of the house!


  7. Janice says:

    It was the best August long weekend we have celebrated in a while (since David was born!). It was made very special by having Gladys and Stephen, you and Ron make the effort to clear up your weekend so that we could remember why we became friend in the first place – ’cause we really like each other!


  8. kagould17 says:

    Every successful project comes with required breaks. Glad you took time for you. Allan


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