Attention to Detail

This could be like a math formula. Attention to detail = time consuming = slow progress. There are a couple of variables but not very many. I guess if there was a bigger work crew slightly more would get done but some of the bay windows require two trips for a tiny little board so I’m not sure having a third or fourth person on this side would equate with more progress. Now when we FINALLY get to the easy sides then more would definitely be better (so if you are bored and looking for something to do let us know!). But of course we have to get there first and after two weeks holidays and two weeks of weekends and working in the evenings we aren’t quite there yet.

Each little piece had to be cut and placed. Then I primed them all and Ron chalked any gaps. Then I did first and second coat of yellow and final coat of green (when the boards were down they were sanded, holes filled, fixed if necessary, primed and first coated with green) on all of these tiny little angles. The double color makes it a fairly time consuming paint job.

This photo shows the trim boards and the angles they had to meet at as well as the siding above it. Those vertical trim boards are bevelled as are each and every cedar siding board. The verticals were salvaged and then taken back to first coat of paint only to turn up too short so new ones were created. Ron suggested I paint them green – I said NOT!

This shows just a tiny little bit of the first bay with two coats of yellow and two coats of green (needs one more – darn dark colors!). It looks amazing (just how I imagined it) and the second one if starting to show to it’s potential. It has all of the siding on, the green is all first coated and so it is waiting to be primed. I think I will wait until the two sections on either side are complete and do all the priming at once.

So the right hand side of the walk out (*the single story part) is called section 5 and it is almost complete. The yellow is 100%, the green probably needs that darn third coat (66%) and the red is at 33%. One piece is intact and the other had to be removed so one is easy to paint while the other is very exacting. Then just the fascia board to go in that section!! Yeah.

So this is where we are at with two days left of July. Man – it feels like we’ve been working away on this side forever and yet it’s only been – what hm — 3 months!! OMG – yep. The hard side first but soon we’ll be ready to move on. In fact today as I waited for the boards to be cut I was doing site preparation in my mind for the next side!

And for those that think we don’t stop and smell the roses I have tons of other pictures to chose from for the remaining shot. I could show the dogs playing in the grass after a swim, the prairie vista, tons of prairie flowers but alas no new sunsets (Ron says we have enough sunset pictures so I’m waiting for that perfect one!). I do have a picture of the some prairie flowers (so many types and I know so few names).

Bernie and Ron

PS Nice ad there for Wallace Construction in that bay window picture!
PPS wow – all the pictures uploaded easily, the text flowed along and in less than an hour here is an update!

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1 Response to Attention to Detail

  1. Cheryl & Gary says:

    Looks good – glad once again that it’s not my job. Why is that green board under the door? – can’t visualize where it stops.


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