The “Hard Side” Update

Well the two weeks of holidays end tonight so thought I should do a picture review of how far we got. I would have to say that we are both a bit disappointed that the siding is not back on but we worked full days (minus 2 days off for the trip to Ogema to celebrate the 100th anniversary) so it wasn’t that we lazed around and could have made more progress if we had put our backs into it.
There is a saying that Saskatchewan is easy to draw and hard to spell. Well – saying we are “residing our house” is 3 words but it’s 3 stages (demolition of existing/insulation and cover up/application of new siding and painting) over 14 sections of the house. So here we are at some of those stages below – still at it ~ and we will be for the rest of the summer!

This shows the new shingle siding on the second floor with the original cedar siding on the main floor. On with the new – out with the old. Demolition included removing a lot of the 1930’s dirty thirties dirt from Davidson!

There are always surprises and detours when doing restorations in old buildings and the bay windows was ours. The visible part will be that they end up with new shingles after we tore off the old (which were actually in really good condition) so that we could insulate the space from above and below. They are temporarily covered with poly right now as we await the flashing that we had to order. Fortunately we have cedar shingles and shingle caps to apply when the time comes.

The kitchen attic wall needed to be done and this east side was the place to access one portion of it. So we sent over a plank and walked it a few times. We had several rain delays over those two days – loads of trips up and down to cut shingles and some tough spots to paint!

So moving down a level we took off the cedar, the ship lap and started removing insulation. Then it was time to protect everything and spray foam our way to warmth! We’ll be warm in the winter but trust us that we were warm while doing this as there was a summer heat wave on.

We actually found couple of empty cavities and one with wood shavings in it. This was between the two bay windows and the wind created a bit of an updraft so it actually rained wood chips ~ not really all that pleasant!

The spray foam is a great product as it provides insulation and a vapour barrier all in one application – perfect for old houses. The application of it is a bit tricky and any overfill must be cut away so for a while it was “snowing” insulation on the warmest day of the year as we cut away any overspray!

This is where we finished to on Saturday evening – the main floor has the “Typar” building paper on it and is ready for the siding. But we awoke to rain this morning (and shall go to bed to rain) so alas no siding was applied today.

So on the final day of holidays we worked on all the trim pieces – 30 door and window trim pieces plus the bay window little corner pieces (too many to count!) as well as the all the trim board pieces. Ron pulled nails, filled holes and glued cracks while I sanded and sanded and sanded. They are ready to be primed and painted before installation.

It was mostly all work but there was an afternoon walk/swim for the dogs every day and I managed to get lots of pretty prairie flower pictures but I chose to include a picture of the flowers in the back door flower pots. They are really looking quite spectacular this year. A big thank you to Sandy Cook at Sutherland Garden Mart for help picking out plants designed to grow for someone without a green thumb and a windy environment. I tried my hand at a close up of the flowers (which of course I have no idea what it is!)
We sat and had a beer one evening as we finished up work and made a list of all the lessons we have learned from the hard side – the point of this being to make the next two sides easier as we apply the lessons learned. So now it is all about keeping up the momentum as we return to work for three weeks before we start all over again with the next round of holidays.
Thanks for stopping in to view the site – feel free to leave a comment or come on out and visit in person if you are in the neighborhood.
Bernie and Ron

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4 Responses to The “Hard Side” Update

  1. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Oh my gosh what a lot of work! You two have stamina when it comes to this kind of stuff. I think your plants are either gaillardia (blanketflower)or rudbeckia.


  2. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Wow…may not seem like it but lots of progress. You’ll have the nicest house in the RM!


  3. kagould17 says:

    Weather seldom cooperates with exterior construction. I think it is just a rule. Glad you managed to get the side finished in the time you had. Allan


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