Extreme Weather Update

It was a wild week here in Saskatchewan with loads of extreme weather. It was rather interesting to note that all of this activity occurred the same week that the tornado touched down in Regina 100 years ago – the biggest national disaster Canada has ever faced with a death toll of 28 and a city basically leveled. 2012 was a luckier year though – the storm chasers saw some amazing scenes but there was no loss of life although there was a significant amount of destruction around the province.

Regina Downtown after the 1912 Tornado.CBC.ca/Sask has some really good archive photos.

Rare mammatus cloud formation with the Regina refinery in the foreground.

Tornado touched down near Mortlach. This photo is by Prairie Fire Photography – look up his site – he takes some amazing photos!
Tuesday was super hot and muggy so it came as no surprise when a thunderstorm rolled in over the hills here. We got an 1 1/2 ” of rain in about 2 hours along with high wind gusts as well as a bout of decent sized hail. One of those gusts picked up a plank on the very top of the scaffolding and tossed it to the other side of the house where it landed about 15 feet from the front door with a smack that scared the heck out of me.
Wednesday was the day of the big forecast for the tornado. The weather networks kept everyone abreast and even the hospital announcement system informed us all of the tornado watch (which fortunately does not mean we need to remain at work). The wind was pretty intense when I left work and I’d been in touch with Spencer during the day as the wind in Vonda blew out the back window of his truck We had left the dogs outside though as the weather had seemed very nice in the morning and fortunately they didn’t do the Toto thing and end up in Kansas. . In Saskatoon the wind picked up Taylor and Alyssa’s brand new BBQ and tossed it around. So needless to say we faced the driveway with a bit of trepidation – easily some scaffolding could have gone through windows.
Serious luck on our side! Two of our patio chairs upside down in the fire pit, an established tree leaning seriously sideways and the wood pile rather scattered. We’ll gladly handle those minor items. Plus all 4 dogs obviously behaved themselves outside during the wind/rain and were very happy to see us home! We had no power but with a gas stove we still managed hot food and cold ice cream cake (good thing the boys ate it all up). Power was restored the following day sometime and the contents of our freezers and fridge survived.
I’m amazed that all the flower pots and flowers survived in one piece including the succulents (which I moved to the patio table to keep away from the cats). We had planted four tomato plants in the garden along with a rhubarb plant and the worst damage seemed to have been to the asparagus (which is in it’s second year and “established”). All of our little stick trees are managing fine.
The weather before and since then has been phenomenally nice! And Canada Day seems to be shaping up for some nice sunshine as well so I’ll close the blog to get back to the painting. I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures I took from yesterday and today.

Here is our progress on the second floor – the siding is all on and in keeping with Canada you can see the red paint and the white primer!!

The benefit to sleeping poorly last night/this morning is some amazing sunrise (plus the fact that I cleaned up my email inbox and did the blog entry)pictures.

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10 Responses to Extreme Weather Update

  1. Janice Hales says:

    The sunrise was beautiful this morning ……….. it is nice you were able to record it for the rest of us! Thanks!
    Glad to hear all was well at your place – when we knew the wind was getting up, we thought of you and all your hard work!
    Happy Canada Day back to you, Ron and the kids (furry and otherwise!)


  2. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Happy Canada Day Bernie and Ron! It was a beautiful start to the day…looking west I think mother nature has other plans for today tho’…typical…was planning on seeing if the saskatoons were ready; maybe not….stay dry and the red siding looks fantastic!


  3. Peggi Holmes says:

    Happy Canada Day to you too! Was thinking of you yesterday while we had amazing nice weather in Maple Creek. Looks like you had good weather as well and got lots done. Hope it continues while you and Ron are off.


  4. Ruth Speiser says:

    Happy Dominion Day to you. I always enjoying reading about your adventures out in the country and really like the pictures. Somehow I missed that you now have four dogs, I thought you were still at two, and it is nice they all get along so well. The energy you and Ron have absolutely amazes me, but it all looks great.


  5. Ruth says:

    Happy Canada Day!
    Well i am glad someone saw the sun today! I had plans to enjoy my coffee on my deck and the rain came – Bummer!
    As usual your blog and pictures are amazing. I enjoy the updates. Hope you are all having a great summer. Hope to see you around.


  6. Georgina says:

    hey thanks for always putting the link to your blog on your emails. I do bookmark it but it is nice when I am not at my computer to be able to find that address!!


  7. Flora says:

    Thanks Bernie! I am enjoying your blogs & am totally amazed at the energy you & your hubby have to put into your home!!


  8. Karin says:

    Love the pictures Bernie. I am glad to hear that you didn’t have any damage with the crazy weather.


  9. kagould17 says:

    Love the red shingles. They really pop. Yes, the prairies can get some wicked weather. I still recall the 1987 Black Friday tornado that rolled through Edmonton. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      8 years in and most of those shingles are still looking great. It’s a good paint product.
      I had forgotten how nasty that particular storm was as we’ve had a few out here! Good thing I kept a record and that you at reading them so thanks Allan.


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