Dodger’s Demo Day

I usually struggle to find an interesting name for the blog entries but this time I actually had a few selections available. Dodger’s Do It would have worked as well as Dodger’s Dodge It. Ron put out a call for any of his soccer mates to come give us a hand on Saturday and 4 guys showed up which was awesome. A huge thank you to Mark Lucas, Brian Vargo, Doug Hillis and Terry Kikcio. It is amazing how such work can get done with a crew of that size! We enticed them with beer and pizza – not sure how we get them back for side 2!
I wish we had the capability of doing a timed video like they do in the home improvement shows so that we could show a day’s progress in like 30 seconds. But we don’t so you’ll have to settle for photos and not even that many as its hard to get away to take pics when you are busy doing demo. I tried to remember when I was down off the scaffolding for something else to snap a photo.
The Dodger’s Dodge It was referring to the number of tools that took nose dives off of the scaffold planks! Fortunately not a sole was injured although perhaps a certain dog won’t lie quite so close in future when we are up there. All windows are intact and the worst damage was to the electrical plug in but that is pretty minor. Most importantly all hands and feet stayed on the deck and so despite some unease at the height of the work platform loads was accomplished – so much more than what Ron and I could have accomplished in a weekend done in a day!

This is during the week with the attic showing off its first coat of paint. The ugly white vinyl was our starting point for the weekend.

Ron and Mark – the vinyl is off and they are just starting on the cedar siding. We were actually surprised that the original shingles went down past the window – we thought from the pictures that it finished mid window.

Ron and Brian taking the trim board off – this is tricky salvage as it has to go back up so care must be taken. It turns out to be two really long boards and they did an awesome job of the removal.

Next came the ship lap boards and “deinsulating” it and just in time for this big job Doug and Terry showed up. A crew of five made this job a lot more manageable. Boards came off, bags were filled with insulation, corners and crevices were vacuumed. This was repeated 3 sections over so in this picture you can see how clean the left hand section is and how Terry and Doug are still working on the right hand section. I’m on the ground untying the bags (and taking photos) while Brian was loading the bags down. We did do the myth buster test on whether or not a bag of insulation from that height will bust – oh yeah – just as expected – a big mess!

As you can see the vinyl is gone and laying at the bottom along with the dona conda boards?? Helpme out someone – the name of the insulation boards put behind 1970’s vinyl siding. I didn’t know they had a name until Terry came along but he can’t spell it despite being a retired teacher!!.

The bottom photo is the bags of insulation and the empty canisters of spray foam at the end of the day. You can also see the fire pile in the picture – cedar for plenty of fires and we’re just getting going on it!! This pile and the tarp full of vinyl siding is up by the farm truck waiting to go to the dump.

While the “boys” and I were taking off the last two sections of ship lap and getting it cleaned out Ron was setting up to do the insulation. We learned from last fall and the windows were adequately protected this time as was Ron. I was amazed at how quickly Ron got the whole entire wall covered in spray foam.

Meanwhile – “back at the ranch” – Terry, Doug and I moved down a level and started taking off the vinyl siding on the main floor. This included the soffit, bay windows and the back porch area (which required more scaffolding to be built) – easily the most complex section in the house for demo and for rebuilding. Ron joined us as he finished up the spray foam and the vinyl flew off (sometimes literally!) as we got into team work demolition.

There Terry is at the end of the work day – looking fresh as a daisy and ready for round two!! We seriously hope the Dodgers might come back but we aren’t sure that homemade pizza (which was good) and beer will be enough to entice them when they know what lies ahead! But the other two sides are easy – no really!!

On Sunday – despite the drizzle of rain – Ron went up and trimmed out insulation and put up the ship lap. He had the two longest pieces left to go when it really started to rain! So then last night up we went to finish and then I spent a couple more hours cleaning up the area. Ready for the rebuild this weekend!! Let’s hope the rain and the wind stay away for a change.

Those who follow the blog regularly will know that I am solar powered and love the sun. I regularly find a few quiet minutes to enjoy sunsets which is what I did tonight so thought I would post (yet another) sunset picture.
So without further ado – that’s progress (finally)!
Bernie and Ron

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7 Responses to Dodger’s Demo Day

  1. Cheryl & Gary says:

    LOTS OF WORK DONE! Nice to get help when you need it! The house is looking great.


  2. Karin says:

    Again, the progress is awesome! The sunset picture as well. We will come and help when we get back but at this rate, everything might be done. That was one blessing about renting our house out while we traveled, it forced us to get all the renovations done before we left!


  3. aimy thiessen says:

    hey Bernie! It’s been a dog’s age since I’ve peeked in on the blog …. WOW !!! Your house looks amazing! And to know it’s being done with such love and care, it’s just breath-taking! Thank you for sharing …..


  4. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Wow! You made really great progress with all the extra help. Good for you! Love you sunset pic!


  5. Twylla says:

    I have to wonder…once this is all done, whatever will you do with your time? Great progress!


  6. Dawn says:

    So nice to finally see it up close and in person, thanks for having us over the other night!


  7. Gaylene says:

    I think I tried posting once before without success…am trying again…I pop in now and again and think you guys are the house…appreciate the dedication…also think you need to count the year of planning..that is part of the project!!!Hope to come see your handiwork in person some time….G


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