Scaffolding Discoveries

I’ve made some interesting observations while working on the scaffolding – and actually not the obvious ones you would think about like falling and breaking apart like Humpty Dumpty. So in no particular order they are:
1. I hate when the birds land on the scaffolding while I am working on it – scares the hell out of me. No picture to show this one as I am busy yelling at them to get lost and not interested in doing a picture. It’s barn swallow season again (annoying little buggers).
2. The climb up is way better with gloves on and interestingly enough it’s hard to remember what step number you are on because you are focused on climbing safely.
3. The harness (thanks to Spencer for the long term loan of this) makes me feel safer as anticipated – can only fall 10 feet this way! Not sure how the heck you get sorted out if you fall but I’m not working that out in my head. No the actual thing about the harness is that the retractor is heavy and really pulls at you. So I’m experiencing some back issues in spots that aren’t normal for me. It also chafes at the neck and the arms but if it’s cold and ugly out the bunny hug is good for something. If it is a nice sunny day then I notice it big time.

Note the real shoes with double notes in the laces as well as the harness. Should have a hard hat – depending on what I’m doing as I move around the retractor hits me in the back of the head or on my left ear!
4. It is amazing what can become normal feeling. The first time I climbed all the way up I was very nervous about the climb and working up there – a couple of weeks later it feels a lot easier. We are both still really careful about working smart, keeping our shoe laces tied, putting things out of the way above or below us and not over extending our reach.
5. Blackberries can fall from the top and survive. Ron’s did! My IPhone doesn’t even usually go up unless it is a rainy day as I have no holder for it and no extra hands to carry it. I think for numerous reasons it is time to go get a carrying case for the IPhone.
6. Different wind storms provide a different pitch and intensity of the scaffolding “song”. The other interesting wind discovery is that we are mostly sheltered up there – not sure if it is the angle of the house or just the east/west winds don’t hit that north side but we’ve been able to work on some fairly windy days.
I’m pretty sure not even my faithful 8 will leave a comment on this blog post – no surprise as it’s not a very exciting post and rather light on the pictures (it took a lot of doing but I finally managed to upload the IPhone pic files into the blog). Thanks to everyone for their comments last time. I’m rather startled that I did manage to do another entry this week – brought to you by yet another rain delay. Too wet this evening to paint otherwise I’d be up there doing the second coat as this weekend we want to start on Section 2 with Section 1 complete (yeah don’t ask how many sections there are as it seems rather daunting when you look at it that way). Ron and I have finally coordinated our time off together this summer so we just have to pray that we quit pretendign to be Ireland for a while and have some hot sunny Saskatchewan summer days soon!

Section 1 as viewed from a short distance. This will change how well you notice the house from Highway 41 I bet!

Full moon, nice sunset and a beautiful evening so off I went with the real camera looking for some good shots. I’m quite fond of this one and suspect it will become a landscape quilt wall hanging.

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9 Responses to Scaffolding Discoveries

  1. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    A little closer to heaven on that scaffolding eh? You impress me to no end! Less rain would improve the riding situation around here too. Love the work you’ve done so far!


  2. Claire says:

    That shot of section 1 from a distance looks fabulous. You’re a braver woman than I would be in your first picture!


  3. georgina says:

    Don’t I need another one so that I have a pair!!!


  4. Thelma Dunn says:

    typical Mother comment -I like the moon shot the best because you were at a safer level I think


  5. Helen & Lorne says:

    Great Job! Glad to see the safety harness – does Ron have one too?? I was looking over the entire blog the other day and what an amazing difference you two have made! Keep up the good work and be CAREFUL!


  6. Karin says:

    Free internet in Argentina so I can catch up on the blog entries. The picture of the scaffolding height creeps me out. I find that I am worse with heights as I get older. Love the moon picture. Very peaceful!


  7. Twylla says:

    I would be the person on the ground fetching drinks, etc. No way you’d get me up there!


  8. kagould17 says:

    Glad to see you had some safety equipment. That would be a long fall. Love the fence and grass shot, so Prairie. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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