The Winter Was . . .

The winter was many things and although most of them are not strictly house related I decided to do a blog entry so that it wouldn’t appear that I dropped off the face of the earth!
The last blog entry (which coincidentally shared the same name as one from May 2011 but doesn’t now as I changed it to Before and AFTER) elicited many comments. In amongst the comments was one from a reporter named Jenn. Her editor had seen the blog (I’m still curious about how people find the site) and suggested it might make a good story. So today Thursday (April 12) our house will be featured in Bridges which is an insert in the Star-Phoenix.
Below is the link to the story.
The winter was relaxing in that we only did a couple of house related projects all winter long. One of them was to take all of our ceiling tiles in to a company so that they could slowly and steadily take off the layers of paint. They are using dry ice and a compressor. They are very excited about how well the process has gone and indeed they have even taken video footage of it. Ron did some calculations based on a projected cleaning time if we did it – every weekend for 8 hours a day for over a year – nope! It would be like the door project that never ends.

Here is an example of the ceiling panel after the dry ice and compressed air have had a go. They look so good!
And yes – – back to the door – the someday it will be the new old backdoor door – – – someday if I ever finish it! I have now gone out and bought a heat gun which seems amazing really to have made it this far into the project and never needed one. So I spent about 2 hours and got one panel completely ready for final sanding. And then it stalled – for someone who likes to start and finish projects quickly this door is getting to me. I never really spend that much time on it and I’m never convinced when I finish working on it for the day if it is really going to look good and function well enough to even install. Hence the lack of enthusiasm. Ron says he’ll finish it if I “give up” but I haven’t seen him down there working on it either!

I looked back thru 3 years worth of blog entries and finally found the door – it is in the spring crocus fling of April 2010 – – here it is now “during” the process of cleaning it up.
The other project (an actual start and finish one) was a shelf unit for the downstairs bathroom. Alyssa found a picture on the Internet of a unit that she liked and so we printed off the pattern and Ron built it. I then gave it a couple of coats of black paint and voila – more storage in the bathroom. The best part was that the cost was zero – it was all from “leftovers”.

The lighting in the bathroom isn’t flattering to the unit or walls but in real life it does look good.
The winter was fun in that we went skiing twice! Our good friends Marian and Gord have given us a standing invitation to join them in Fernie whenever we can make it. The drive/ride is long both ways but in exchange we have a great time skiing, eating fabulous food @ Goodman’s Gourmet Kitchen, some some time shopping, hot tubing and playing snow boccie.

Snow boccie – seriously it was so much fun! Works better in powder than it does in packed or gravelled or rain!
The winter was easy, mild and not very full of snow but it was still fun to take off and spend 4 days in California. I had a 2 day work shop in Manhattan Beach (a ritzy part of Los Angeles) so we decided to go a couple of days early. We’ve thought about this many times when Ron goes away on a work conference but it hasn’t ever worked out before. We had 1 1/2 days of R and R together so enjoyed some beach time (too cold to swim but fun to sit at) and some pool time. We walked tons,looked at loads of architecture and ate very well. then I had to pay attention and learn orthopedic “stuff” for the last two days and Ron took that time to work on his ipad and watch some golf. funny tidbit – a young nurse that used to work at RUH and moved to Phoenix – was at the same course! Small world hey.

Here I am enjoying the sunset at Manhattan Beach – we then walked up and had supper at a location we’d see about on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives >> OMG the food was great.
The winter was full of quilting for me – I worked on several projects and by the time spring fully rolls around all of them will be completed. I have several more new ideas in my head and even have a little bit of extra material “stashed” away in anticipation of them but no more real quilting until fall. I did several baby quilts, did 8 free motion projects on my mom/brother’s machine and three wall hangings. I actually intend to enter some quilts in the 100th Ogema Agricultural Fair this summer and perhaps a wall hanging or two.

Here is my latest wall hanging – you might recognize the fence as one that I regularly use in house pictures from a distance. It’s just at a different angle in this picture.
The winter is time for indoor soccer – we both had injuries this season. I partially tore my hamstring and decided that enough was enough so have retired from soccer. I really miss it and i worry that my fitness level will go down hill but i am biking, swimming and walking regularly so hope not. Ron’s injury was more dramatic and bloody! He went head to head ( in the last minute of the game no less!) with an opposing player and he came out worse for wear. Its amazing that he didn’t get a concussion – only obtained a significant cut that required 12 stitches and 3 hours of our time in ER.

Here is a close up of Ron’s scar right after the stitches were finished. Too bad we hadn’t taken any pictures when his eye was black and blue! He looked a little rough for a few days.
So winter’s snow is long gone and although it isn’t green yet it’s time to focus on what the spring will bring. I’m still waiting for the crocuses to pop up in a mass of colour – the weather hasn’t been warm enough consistently. In the meantime we’ve been doing a bit of organizing and pre planning. I’ve lost the battle in regards to what side we are starting the siding on and I don’t care – let’s just go hard and get it done! We’ve been looking and calling about scaffolding, thinking about hiring some young legs to run up and down the flights and booking holiday blocks for major work times.

This is Ron’s calculations for the scaffolding amounts we’ll need. Stay tuned to see the picture of the scaffolding built on that walk out wall looking just like that.

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9 Responses to The Winter Was . . .

  1. Georgina says:

    love, love, love the wall hanging. It will look great in my livingroom as soon as I find a hangar that will go in my room.


  2. Dianne says:

    Hi Bernie & Ron,
    Read the article in ‘Bridges’ this morning. A good article, with good pictures, but I don’t think they did your house total justice. I was expecting a shot of the ‘attic’, and perhaps the kitchen, and perhaps more of the master bedroom, Your house is truly awesome! Glad you are getting some recognition!


  3. Roberta says:

    Love this Bernie and Ron – thanks for sharing this. I think maybe I’ll convince my Tar that we should go see your place if we bike up to Saskatoon. It just might happen.


  4. Penny says:

    Great article! And…OMG that quilted wallhanging is absolutely gorgeous!! I would so love one just like it!


  5. Melanie Rempel says:

    I saw your article as well in the paper, that is so cool to see . I agree they didn’t do your house justice. You should publish a book full colour pictures of it. I would buy that!
    Your hard work and stitches are paying off. We only had 2 trips to the hospital because of this house.


  6. Laurel says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I just had a chance to look at your blog site and absolutely LOVE your before and after pictures! It is just amazing what you two have accomplished!
    Love the newest quilt (landscape one) too!


  7. Rita Jo Hoffman says:

    Looking good! I know it is a lot of work, but I am sure you will love the end result…


  8. kagould17 says:

    Love the wall quilt. As to the injuries, I hear you. We had no thoughts of how dangerous soccer was until our son took out his knee playing indoor soccer. Two surgeries and one year of recovery and he was happy just to be able to walk again. He now sticks to cycling and his legs are like tree trunks. Stay well. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      You know I never finished the door. It’s sitting 90% done and it has a couple of major issues so there it sat. We stuck up a different door but it probably won’t make the cut long term. Shall be interesting to see what happens.
      Yes soccer can be a tough sport but not as bad as some! Pickle ball comes to mind for
      “elderly” injuries. Ron still plays and I don’t retire for long but chose not to play this year with Covid.


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