2011 to 2012

A moment of reflection on the past year and the upcoming plans of house restoration, garage construction, landscaping, documentation, projects and farming.
House restoration – The start of the exterior siding with the easy wall completed – various blog entries about it. Serious discussion underway about which side to start on this spring. That is our really big project and the one with the most radical visual change upcoming.
Garage construction – The garage roofing was completed in 2010 actually and we did the siding, painting, trim and exterior lights. I enjoy looking out at it when I sit at the computer. The interior is still pretty full of construction materials and “extras” so it will be a while before the electrical, insulation and panelling go upon the main floor. The “man cave” could take even longer – maybe that will be a retirement project for Ron.
Landscaping – The biggest change here in the past year has been the sod (complete with sprinklers) laid between the garage and the sidewalk. There is even a tree planted! The stone retaining wall was commenced but not completed – they seem like a multi-year job but don’t let Spencer hear me say that. We do need to do the big retaining walls as well before we can do the patio – seriously it would be a lot easier to face it with stones than build it with stones but don’t let Ron hear me say that! Good thing we have a lot of stones. We have applied for an abundance of trees this year and so hope that we get granted our requests. We would also like to put the hedge around the garden and plant a few fruits trees.
Documentation – I continue to keep the blog updated but not as frequently as I would like. Even though we are organized about filing the pictures in the computer and as a rule I can find them it is a time consuming effort to upload them. Plus of course, I tend to be too long winded. I’m pretty sure I’ll never end up with a following on the blog site because my entries are too infrequent and too long but it is a great record for us. during the heyday of the restoration project I did keep a binder with all pertinent details in it but now it’s just notes here and there. I’m hopeful and confident that I will eventually produce a power point presentation regarding the “homesteading”, relocation and restoration of our Eaton’s house.
Projects – Hm. Well I’m into year two of that darn new/old back door. I recently purchased a heat gun to see if I can get the window trim areas cleaned up. We got all four screen/storm doors painted, stained, varnished and hung and wow what a difference that makes when the wind howls. We have found a company to clean off the tin ceiling panels for the basement – that will happen in bits and pieces as they require dry ice and a special compressor so will just tack our job onto the end of other jobs that also have those requirements. It would appear, really, that the basement isn’t going anywhere soon as far as getting finished. Seems we are going to enjoy a bit of a project break this winter but maybe we might reupholster a couple of chairs, put up the surround sound speakers in the front room and build a shelving unit for the downstairs bathroom. The break is nice in that it allows us time to rejuvenate and it gives me a chance to enjoy the attic and be creative up there.
Farming – We ended up stuck with our 2010 hay crop as the buyer backed out so the 160 hay bales sat through out this season. We were very fortunate that we found a farmer who put the bales up this year in a timely fashion, hauled them away quickly and even paid for them right away! We really wanted to get last years crop sold and moved as the longer they sat there the more issues there would be but there was too much hay for sale so in the end we donated it to the University of Saskatchewan and they took care of hauling it away. Which reminds me that we haven’t seen the tax receipt yet but I’m sure it is in the mail (which we pick up infrequently). With record rain falls in the last two years we need to find some sheep to chomp down the native grasses but without fences it is a bit of an issue. Alyssa is keen to fence so that the horses could spend the summer season here but the reality of that is a long ways away if ever but I guess she better not hear me say that.
Pictures – a blog entry without pictures seems pretty bland so I guess I’ll go looking for a few favorites to throw in here. So with no captions and in no particular order here is a look back at the last year.
So from the Cruikshank’s and their critters all the best to you in 2012.
Bernie and Ron
tree with fence and bales.jpg
bush fall color.jpg
sun rise.jpg
garage and landscaping.jpg
tiger on water bowl.jpg
hazy sun set.jpg
ron and calf.jpg
taylor with tiger.jpg
bc and dogs at rest.jpg
Alyss and Mia.jpg

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11 Responses to 2011 to 2012

  1. Les says:

    Thx for including us Bernie. Your ambitious adventures are very impressive. I admire your energy (as I’m sure most everyone on your mailing list would agree).
    Happy New Year to you & your family.


  2. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    A productive year now past – here’s to great things for 2012! Hope your butt is getting better too Bernie! 🙂


  3. Lesley says:

    Happy New Year to you & yours, Bernie. And I commend you for taking the time & effort for keeping the rest of us in the loop. I don’t care how sporatic your blog is, I think its terrific!
    All the best, Lesley


  4. Beverly Pavelich says:

    Beautiful random photos Bernie! I always enjoy reading and looking at the Blog! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Year!


  5. Georgina says:

    what a beautiful pic of Ally and her horse. That one should go in a scrapbook for sure!


  6. Peggi says:

    thanks for the recap on your project. I love looking at the pictures and all your progress. You 2 work amazingly hard and well together.
    Can’t wait until I get out there again – it just has that tranquil feeling at your place.


  7. Karen Neary says:

    Hi, Bernie: I received your comment on my blog re wool quilts but do not have your email address to send my response. Could you kindly email me please?
    Thanks, Karen


  8. Giselle Beaulieu says:

    Beautiful pictures Bernie…u are very lucky to have a husband that shares the same passion!! Good work both of u!! Enjoyed your pics!!


  9. Jay says:

    Hey! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the superb work!


  10. kagould17 says:

    Great summary and pix Bernie. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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