What do you see OR what don’t you see?

This is a hodge podge entry – some of it reflects what you see and some of it is what you don’t see. So depending on your perspective it can be a positive or a negative or just a view. It’s a pictorial entry for those that like loads of pictures and not a lot of words. The fall weather has held and I’ve been out several times with the camera having fun. We’ve been working on a few minor details around the house and yard – mostly weatherizing “stuff” like cat doors and water lines. We’ve also been enjoying some down time like on Thanksgiving weekend.
This is the third installation (fall scene) in the “thru the fence” view of the house. What you don’t see? The three dogs that were creating havoc behind me! What you don’t see YET – the siding of the house is still not done. What you do see – beautiful fall colors highlighting the house and garage with the fence remaining unchanged through out the seasons.
What do you see? Again with the fall leaves but this time a different view of the house and the garage. What you don’t see? Well I’ve cleverly disguised the fact that the scaffolding is still there on this view and you don’t see the walk out retaining walls disintegrating (sigh – waiting their turn patiently for rocks!)
What do you see? Again with the leaves! This time about a zillion leaves on the ground (sadly the trees are now naked!) What you don’t see? Yard Work. No seriously we don’t have the usual fall yard work – we watch them fall and blow! We do rake up some dry tall weeds and burn them but that’s it for fall yard work. It’s great!
What do you see? Young Tiger on the fence staring at me. What you don’t see? The reason for the fence – the dogs keep digging up the new maple tree! Now with the fence the kittie chews on the branches! He also eats up mice and moles so I guess we’ll keep him.
What don’t you see? Well the 32 pictures it took to get this one amazing view!! Thank heavens for digital cameras. What you do see? Two gorgeous dogs who are living amicably with two other dogs and two cats and who keep the deer and coyote population out of our immediate space. Earning their keep as I like to say.
What you don’t see very often? A picture of me on the blog! What you do see? Me with the fabulous gas weed eater out creating a walking trail – with two years of heavy rainfall the native grasses are so high it is easy to trip and fall (been there done that) so with the fabulous fall weather holding on I created (in a mere 6 hours) a 20 minute walking trail. What you don’t see – Ron had to come out and go thru the thicket with a machete.
What do you see? Just the exterior looking like it should! What you don’t see? Well you don’t see the scaffolding because it is put away and you don’t see the caulking although it is done. You don’t see that the weather proofing and the chain are on the door or that the light is functional but it has all happened!
What do you see? Well you just see the view out our front window. Literally – taken thru the window. What you don’t see is any dirt on the windows – finally we got all 31 washed inside and out. Old fashioned ammonia, elbow grease and a couple of hours (ha ha) and the view is clear again. The other thing you don’t see is any hay bales. For the first time in two years they are sold and off the field before snow falls! And the plus is that last year’s bales have found a home as well.
What do you see? Well two horses and a rider going for a long ride/pony on our quarter. That is something we’ve never seen here before and it was really neat plus it shows a nice view looking towards the south east corner of our land. There were other pictures that really showed the connection of rider to horses and the bond they share – I chose this one as I loved the view and the relaxed look of all three. What you also don’t see are the 20 other pictures I took of Alyssa and Mia that turned out so well – take down in the ravine by the big tree- if I had all night I’d upload a few more!
What you don’t see is the picture of me on Mia – which is OK as I looked rather timid – my last time on a horse was the day we got Breeze & it was rather memorable for the dismount (enough said). So you don’t see that Alyssa lead Mia and I down the ravine trail. What you do see is Ron with great form after a two minute lesson up and down the driveway. He looked very relaxed and went for a short jaunt on his own. What you don’t see – a helmet – tisk tisk!
What do you see? Two people who had a party and didn’t wear matching clothes (in fact I think we wore clashing ones)! Oh well at least we look happy cutting our skillfully decorated fabulous tasting cake surrounded by some family and friends. What don’t you see? Two wonderful children who helped us host a fun weekend and all the wonderful family and friends who came to visit – especially those that drove all that way and back in one day from Ogema!
Note that there really aren’t any project pictures here. Just a stop and smell the roses (OK – stop and look at those leaves) kind of entry. I actually had about 10 more great quality photos that I would love to have uploaded – pictures of rose hips full of color against the grasses or the aforementioned Alyssa and Mia shots as well as some great sunset ones and …. – you get the drift. I could have gone on all night but it has taken me almost 2 hours to get this far and so I will close (before anything gets lost!).
Thanks for stopping in. As always comments via email or comments via the blog site are welcome. The best comments come from friends that stop in for a visit. Tour is optional – time to chat, drink and relax are first priorities. Till next time take care.

PS I hope it doesn’t take so long until the next entry. I have the pictures ready to go of the house/land orientation as well as I’m almost done organizing the before and after pictures. Plus I must do a works in progress update on that blinking door that I’m still working on plus ………

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16 Responses to What do you see OR what don’t you see?

  1. Claire says:

    Oh, very nice to contrast what you see and don’t see. Lots of information that way. Lovely pictures, too!


  2. Karin says:

    Looks awesome Bernie. I love the picture of the dogs! We are missing the fall leaves as it is spring here and everything is blooming! I also love the colors on the house and garage! I can feel your pain with the amount of time it takes to do the posts! Internet is very expensive here so when things screw up, it is even more frustrating. Talk to you soon,
    P.S. Is that the same cake that you brought to my house? You might have to post the recipe. Looks smashing.


  3. Gary Cruikshank says:

    Thanks for the update. Also the fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. It was great to revisit with your family and meet your friends. We walked the property and recognize most of the views. Glad to see you are maybe relaxing more.
    P.S. I won’t tell you most of the leaves are still on the trees here. Happy Halloween.


  4. Jane says:

    Those pictures were beautiful: especially the ones of the dogs and the kitten.


  5. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Fun blog entry Bernie! Hasn’t the fall been great? Nice to see the horses on your property!


  6. Elly says:

    Hi Bernie,
    The photos are really lovely and I have so enjoyed watching your journey as you build this beautiful house….hope all is well. Elly


  7. Lesley says:

    Good morning Bernie,
    I may not always reply to your updates but I just want you to know how much I enjoy receiving them. I am envious of the vistas you are able to enjoy daily and your photography and the interesting angles you incorporate (not to mention your lovely 4 legged friends) is always wonderful. I have a great deal of admiration for you and Ron and the committment you have made to get this job done. I know it is a labour of love for both of you and I have a feeling you may never be truly “finished” because there will always be one more thing you find to do.
    Happy Halloween


  8. Gayle says:

    Great pictures and comments:)


  9. Twylla says:

    As always, I enjoyed the blog!! great photography!


  10. Maria says:

    How absolutely beautiful Bernie!


  11. Alma Dirpaul says:

    Very creative blog entry. Love the “what you see and what you don’t see theme”. Might have to “scraplift” that idea.:) beautiful photos as well. It makes me miss living in the country. I have not followed every blog entry but when I do read I always enjoy them. Please don’t stop.
    What was the occasion behind the cake?


  12. ha! That’s so funny!! Sounds like the kids’ books ; )
    Bernie, I LOVE that first photo! LOVE. Can I sew it? I LOVE IT. Did I mention that!??
    : )


  13. Evelyn says:

    I am so glad you are done siding for this year, looks
    fabulous. Enjoy your blog very much.


  14. Janice says:

    March 4, 2012
    What do I see?
    Committment! Partnership! Accomplishment! Joy! Family! Love!


  15. kagould17 says:

    Great post, Bernie. Always good to stop and take stock of where you are and have gratitude for the things, both little and big that brought you there. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      This was in my spam box?? What the heck is up with that??
      This post seems like such a LONG time ago and yet in reality it is only a few years. Gosh time really does go so fast. You are really helping me go down memory lane!!


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