The Fall Wind Up

Well at long last I am back with just a few pictures of what things look like this fall. We’ve had outstanding weather and that has contributed to completing the one big task that we wanted to get accomplished. Yes Ron, there are still a couple of minor details to take care of but for the most part it can be crossed off the list and we can enjoy the view of it.
The big rocks west of the house are on of our favorite spots to sit and enjoy both the house view and the surrounding area. This is the house view we can now enjoy from there. No imagination required now to see what the house will look like! This is it.
Fall means shorter days which means that in late Sept I’m getting out of the shower to the sunrise. This particular morning the fog and the light were quite interesting. It certainly wasn’t intense or spectacular but it did make me run downstairs for the camera and then open our balcony door for the “perfect” picture.
Fall in the country means harvest. We’ve been busy at work in the garden – particularly prior to the killing frost – bringing in the harvest. Some plants produced well (enough beets for a lovely beet salad for the annual fall supper) and some produced not so well but it is a learning process gardening on a wide open prairie with no irrigation system. Fall in the country is also made of up such fabulous colors and it even has it’s own smells and sounds. We saw two flocks of sand-hill cranes as well as the usual assortment of Canadian and snow geese making their way to the lake in the previous photo.
Fall in the country also means falling asleep to the sound of the combine and if you are lucky you might even be home when the field near you gets harvested.
The days are certainly getting shorter and the evenings darker so it will be nice to have some exterior lighting this fall. There will never be a “yard light” per say but we do have a few plans for lighting up the driveway. Just none of them will be happening any time soon. We do now how 5 exterior lights though – one on the house that you can see on the above picture plus 3 more on the garage that look like that.
The fifth one is a motion sensor light for when we come out of the garage. It doesn’t really have a heritage profile but neither does the satellite dish so I guess sometimes you compromise for modern conveniences.
I have always enjoyed sunsets and have certainly posted many pictures on the blog of sunsets out here in the country. Digital photography makes it easy to try and capture some of the magic of the moving colors. I am inspired by three Saskatoon artists whose blogs I regularly read and whose work I admire. The blogs are & & I have no idea if you will be able to link to any of those sites directly but if you are interested you can copy and paste to see some of their great works.
A different twist on the sunset and the “critters” we share our space with. Whenever we go out to the rocks for some down time we always have four visitors but getting them all to sit for a picture is really difficult. If you look in the back there are two cats there. And certainly not Lucky’s best picture.
So as fall continues to march along we have a few minor projects we need to finish, a few to start and finish and then it will be on to inside work for a while. Hm – reminds me that we need to get the snow plough welded so if we have a heavy snow fall year we don’t have to do it all by hand again or hope that our neighbor Kevin shows up. Ah but I get ahead of myself – I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the fall evening weather and perhaps some wonderful northern lights.

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6 Responses to The Fall Wind Up

  1. Janice Hales says:

    I love your critter/sunset picture!


  2. Twyla says:

    Great blog and pictures to accompany, as usual!


  3. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Ah…this link is working again. House is lookin’ good!


  4. Lynne (Bradford) Kozma says:

    I would like to thank you for sharing this journey with everyone. Your dream looks like it was fullfilled. I have always dreamed of doing that with Uncle LeRoys but money dictates, doesn’t it. You ideas and colors and are breathtaking, it was so incredible to see the before and then the afters. I didn’t realize Sask had beautiful scenery but you found some. To wake up in that house and look out the windows, must give you such great pleasure in life. You all worked very hard but wow the outcome is more than a dream I bet. Take care.


  5. kagould17 says:

    That is the one thing we have heard here for many of the falls we lived here, the sound of the combines going late into the night. As a former farm boy, it is a comforting sound, telling me that all is well and…..that I will need to wash my windows……again. Thanks for sharing Bernie. Allan

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