The Pretty Side of Things

This entry isn’t about projects or work in progress. It’s about the pretty things – even the fact that Ron and I stop to smell the roses and cultivate friendships, outings and quality time.
The first pretty thing I would like to show you is the “Eager Quilt” that resides in our bedroom upstairs. Some of this fabric was gifted to me at my wonderful 50th surprise party and other pieces were found by Ron and I as we travelled around and hit quilt stores on our adventures. Finally there was enough material of the lights and darks with just the right amount of reds. So I hit the attic and started cutting; having gotten the “ruler” and the newest method to make the old fashioned Log Cabin Quilt when I was in Hunstville Ontario in 2009. The pieces were all ready to go and off to Skeinah Retreat I went with the Periwinkle Store quilt retreat in March 2011. I sewed like crazy all weekend and only made a few mistakes (the quilters in the crowd might pick them out fairly quickly – it is apparently a rookie mistake to make with the log cabin pattern). The top was complete by the end of the weekend and just needed borders added. I wanted to leave a nice big plain border for the Bengough Community Quilters to work their magic in so Ron and I tweaked the sizes and then I added the flying geese as the final border to give it some color. I was extremely fortunate to get it quilted this year as they had a cancellation and could slot my quilt in. Insert happy face here!!!
We are so pleased with how it turned out and think it looks stunning against our powder coated frame. It gives the room a wonderful balance with the blues, creams and that lovely red center.
One of our soccer friends loves our old house and often leaves comments on the blog site. Karin and Kim have been to visit a couple of times and so thought of us when they needed a temporary new home for their antiques. They and their children (Shay and Tegan) are going on a fabulous one year around the world adventure which I am really hoping she will blog. So we went to their house and picked out what pieces would work (actually we took all the antiques except an old wash stand that will just stay in the garage for the year) and then went back with the farm truck and picked them all up. I knew in my mind where they were all going.
I had always envisioned an armoire to hold the printer and various assorted papers and office type stuff. This one, with the beautiful mirrored door, looks great. It needs some minor repairs which I think is fair exchange for using it for a year.
This lovely dresser was living in their garage and now resides in the Gramma’s room. This room had sadly lacked any antiques so this is a wonderful addition to the space.
Her grandpa’s chair fits in this corner so nicely and is very comfortable to sit in. You can see the trunk that became our coffee table which is exactly what it was at their house.
When you have an old house people often have items to give you – to date we have received lights, lamps, phones, door knobs and doors to name a few items. We recently had some friends out for supper who were in for a few days from Ohio. Her mom is downsizing and when Jan saw our place she realized that potentially there existed a new home for a few treasurers from there. So a couple of old trunks with stories and a dresser from their Emma Lake cabin now reside at our house.
Here is the dresser turned into the vanity for the bathroom. It is slightly too big for the size but we will use it for a while until we find the right one. Perhaps on our holidays in August we will do a little antique shopping>
njaa trunks.jpg
I’m not sure just yet where the dark trunk is going – it is the neat one with the Norwegian writing on it. The light colored one is headed up to my attic (although Alyssa tried to claim it for her room) for supplies. It was made by Jan’s great uncle? in the late 20’s/early 30’s.
girls in sunset with dogs.jpg
Here are Jan’s girls and the dogs checking out the sunset – despite the hordes and hordes of mosquitoes!
Jan and I started at University Hospital on the same day back in the early 1980’s. She helped Ron and I build our first house and finally got a chance to visit us in our second house. The sunset was particularly stunning that evening.
We have had some wonderful evenings this summer – hardly any wind and with the aforementioned sunsets. It is especially nice now that the dragon flies have come along and eaten most of those pesky mosquitoes. There are evenings when we work – usually midweek – but by Saturday evening we are ready to take a break after slugging away all day and knowing we are going to do “it” all over again on Sunday. So occasionally we have a fire to sit and relax with. I was actually on call for the operating room so it was a bonus time for me to be at home and not at work!
My “artistic” attempt at a fire picture. The grass has grown around the fire pit and I thought it made a cool photo. The is one of the nice things about digital – you can take as many as you want until you get the effect that you were after. We tried a bunch of different settings and had some “weird” results.
These last two photos are part of a series that I decided to do in the winter when I did that photo of the house from the fallen fence. Ron and I went for a walk one evening (braving the mosquitoes) and took the camera, 2 dogs and 1 cat (not sure why Toni didn’t come but guess she was busy doing something else) to view the fence in its summer glory. Ron got quite a few really awesome pictures. It was a great walk but highlighted why we need to buy a gas weed-eater. The grasses have grown so tall from all this rain that walking in them is almost as hard as walking in snow!
It is very hard to get four pets to pose though so here is a random shot of Cleo climbing the fence and Breeze watching.em>
This is a lovely picture that Ron took – there were actually four really good ones but I liked how the fence was in focus on this one and the house out of focus.em>
So this was a photo filled blog entry that was full of stories and a different variety of information. Suffice to say that the rock wall is still ongoing as it painting the walk out. We are busy planning the next couple of projects after that which will be during our summer holidays so will keep you posted.
Bernie and Ron

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8 Responses to The Pretty Side of Things

  1. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Really great pics! Love the dog and cat – too cute. Great antiques you got too. We’re off to BC for a bit.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Quilt looks fantastic. Outdoor pictures are beautiful. Nice dresser in Gramma room.


  3. Twylla says:

    As usual, you have been busy! Love the new quilt, the colours are gorgeous. How will you ever give back the furniture that you have been lent? It fits in so nicely!


  4. Penny says:

    Your home is beautiful! I haven’t checked you out in awhile….excellent progress!!!


  5. Karin says:

    Hi Bernie and Ron,
    The antiques look better in your house than they did in mine! Thanks so much for storing them and helping us out! It is kind of neat to see them on the blog! Hope the armoire wasn’t too much of a pain to move, and I did find one more of the wood pieces for it. I will get that to you before we leave.


  6. Ruth Speiser says:

    Bernie that quilt is absolutely beautiful – you did a great job on it and it looks terrific in that room. Maybe you guys should get a goat to get rid of the tall grass – Ha Ha.


  7. Melanie Rempel says:

    It’s good to stop and poke your head up into the world every so often. That has been our summer. We have loved “Being” a family again. After 2 years of intense building it is nice to do things we want to as opposed to have to. Love the quilt by the way.


  8. monika k says:

    LOVE the photo with the blurred house so much!! 🙂


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