And that’s a Wrap Folks

As in an outside wrap – around the garage – totally covered in the three colors of painted. AS IN FINISHED!!! It feels fabulous to have that project completed. My goal was to have it done by the end of June so am off by 8 days but I guess in the big scheme of things that isn’t really earth shattering. I’d like to say that I am actually rather tired of painting – it did seem to go on and on. There was so much scaffold work and ladder/plank work that it seemed like I spent as much time climbing as I did painting and I almost lost track of the number of times I dropped the brush.
Remember how excited I was to start the ginger root color! I even got the moment captured on camera – wearing my best clothes of course!!
joanne on scaffold north side.jpg
I was lucky enough to have some help painting (no it wasn’t Ron nor Spencer nor Alyssa – turns out none of them paint willingly!) last weekend. My friend Joanne and her daughter Jamie came down to visit family in Saskatoon and spent a sunny hot day helping to paint ginger root and some of the forest green.
garage and plane.jpg
Last Sunday while we were painting a plane flew a grid pattern over the valley and up our hills. He was quite low to the ground and had some interesting equipment off his plane – our hypothesis is that he was taking aerial views for Goggle Earth (but Ron says this is done by satellite?). Spencer did a great job of capturing both the colors of the garage and the plane. Note the proper colored dog house sitting in front of the garage!
Spencer will point out that it is only the outside that is done and that there is tons more work to do on it but I’m not going to have my spirits dampened!! Ron has done the wiring and the lights are here – he just has to find a moment to install them. We also need to contact someone about coming out and installing eavestroughing (boy spell check hates that word!). It just looks so nice to look out the parlor (aka the office) and see this lovely colored building that looks like it belongs. Now I’m just itching to get rid of that ugly vinyl siding on the house!
We have found with having an old house that friends are often looking for somewhere for their old family treasurers to live. Often they don’t have room or the right decor. We have been given glass door knobs, hinges, phones, milk pails, lamps and lights to name a few of the many items. This week our friend Jan was up from Ohio to help her mom downsize to a condo apartment. They came for supper and we had a lovely visit with Jan, Gary, Allison and Julie despite the mosquitoes. Jan realized that our house might be a good location for some pieces from her family. The two trunks have a very interesting history – the off white one was made in the Langham probably in the 20’s or early 30’s by Jan’s great uncle. The dark one, on the left, came from Norway! I think Jan said probably around 1895 and would have originally gone to the States and then up to Canada. It has some very unique writing on the side of it. It is in need of some TLC whereas the other one is ready to live in my attic as a storage trunk – no painting even required! The third piece is a small dresser/washstand that Jan’s dad bought in the 70’s when they purchased their cabin at Christopher Lake and needed more furniture. We had been looking for a small piece for the upstairs bathroom and it seems to fit not badly. It has been refinished but could probably use more period type handles.
njaa trunks.jpg
Here are the three pieces unloaded into the garage.
I have been working on flower and sunset pictures for a while and my composition of them. I’ve been struggling with getting the colors as intense as I see them. So several nights a week I hit the sunset and try again. Last blog site it was a sunset thru the new screen door. I have occasionally captured some pretty intense clouds with some good definition of them. Amazingly enough this week, while we had company, I managed to catch an amazing sunset. The bonus is that Allison, Julie, Breeze and Lucky are all in it.
girls in sunset with dogs.jpg
The girls braved the swarm of mosquitoes to see the sunset from the hill and the light worked out beautifully. I have several shots to chose from actually.
So I have managed successfully to upload several pictures and put in text without losing any of it. I have mastered the spell check on the new computer – it only takes me about 2 minutes to find it now instead of the 22 it took at the beginning. The one thing that I can’t seem to manage with the same amount of success is finding out if anyone actually reads this site besides Claire and Patti and occasionally Georgina, Beverly, Helen and my mom. I can’t seem to figure out how to use the tract back that the U of S site has on its blogs and so besides comments I have no way of knowing if I am talking to myself!
OK I’m going to post and go take some fun pictures for a project I’m going to make this winter for a friend. Winter when it is cold, snowy and sunny with the emphasis on the cold. The hot weather has been fabulous! I have enjoyed biking home in it, swimming lanes in it, painting in it, gardening in it and enjoying my lunch break outside in the Queen’s Garden at RUH. Note all the wonderful blue sky pictures in this blog entry – it has been a great 3 weeks.

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14 Responses to And that’s a Wrap Folks

  1. Karla says:

    Looks GREAT!!!! I LOVE the red doors!!!


  2. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    I’m reading, I’m reading! Sorry I’m not commenting but I have to say you MUST get that sunset photo blown up and framed! Gorgeous!


  3. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    The garage looks great! BTW the plane is a geological survey plane – Byron thinks they may be looking for more potash or something like that. It is the replacement plane for the one that crashed at warman & 51st..when they were doing the surveys in May.


  4. Karin Closson says:

    Your painted garage looks nicer than my house!


  5. Beverly Pavelich says:

    Love the new color on the garage ….it already looks older!
    Great sunset photo!
    I could copy it as the tall girl on the left looks just like Alex …and as you can’t see her face no on would know!


  6. Bernie says:

    Well two of my regulars anted in (hm – that is a card term and I have no idea how to spell it) right away after the blog went up. I believed Karla, Cyndi and Karin read it – now I have proof. Thanks for leaving the comments. @ Patti – thanks for the info. @ Bev – bring your girls out and we can take photos any time. And yes Bev I agree that putting the color on the garage helps it achieve that period look we were going for.


  7. Georgina says:

    I read regularily, I just don’t post because I feel guilty that I can’t come and help, I only come and enjoy!!!


  8. Cheryl says:

    Gary & I both read he blogs – just never write to you to tell you how much we enjoy them! Sorry! Pictures are great!


  9. Victoria Neufeldt says:

    Hi, Bernie:
    That is some garage! Wow. And the colour scheme is beautiful.
    Congratulations on passing another milestone. Only how many more to go?
    And I love the red doors on the house too.
    I read your reports pretty regularly. As you know, I don’t get around to responding that much, but please keep sending out the descriptions and pix. Altogether a memorable record of your huge project.


  10. Ruth Speiser says:

    Bernie, I am amazed that you rode your bike all the way home from RUH, that is quite a way. Anyway, wanted to let you know that I always read your blog and very much enjoy it. That is a very nice looking garage, and I glad you had help painting.


  11. Linda says:

    Hi Bernie
    I have just spent far too much time on your blog this a.m. just wonderful! I have a friend who made a head board out of a door which I have tried to convince my husband to do( he’s usually up to most of my suggestions but hasn’t envisioned this one yet) .She didn’t put panels on hers—I just love what you did.
    I have added you to my favourites
    Linda Beebe


  12. Peggi says:

    Okay, Bernie, you must be happy with all the replies you have received!! Great job on the painting, wish I was closer to help.
    When are we having our nursing reunion at your place?


  13. Brenda Templeman says:

    Great job! Love to read your posts. See, I did respond, looking forward to the next blog entry.


  14. Laurel says:

    Great pics of your garage Bernie–it looks AWESOME!!!!!! Also the matching dog house–pretty deluxe.
    Tom thinks the plane may have been a sprayer.
    Have a great day!
    Luv Laurel


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