This is the Blog Entry that Never Ends!!

We are back from our fabulous holiday in Europe and spring has finally arrived. Technically we should have missed it but we didn’t – everywhere was still brown and cold when we got home. It has finally greened up now but once again we are having a couple of cool wet days so that has stopped the outside progress. So once the 950 pictures of the trip are uploaded there will be a few at the end of the progress that we have made in the last month. I know better than to put the blog entry up without pictures! (and that has been the challenge – new computer – new editing program for pictures – learning curve – issues – finally getting the pictures done over 3 weeks after I started the blog) hence the name. It is like the Charlie horse song from Lamp Chops – it never ends and I just keep doing it over and over again. I’m posting tonight with or without the pictures facing the right direction!
Ron checking out the stork nest on the cliff along the beautiful Portuguese coast line.
Bernie smelling the roses at one of the Canadian War Memorials. The stunning array of flowers, shrubs and trees at the cemeteries was outstanding (and so far ahead of where we are in the season even now). Well as you can sit that isn’t a picture of me in Belgium because I couldn’t make that picture behave itself despite many attempt so imagine that I was smelling the roses. This picture shows the poppies in Flanders Fields – they do grow row on row but they also grow randomly along the roadside.
It is a welcome change to do new construction – it goes so much faster and is so much easier than restoration work. So to recap where we were on the garage. Last fall all 3 doors were installed, the windows were in, the electrical basics were there and the shingles and fascia boards were installed. So at the start of work again Ron reorganized all of the cedar so that it was easier to find the pieces that were needed.Since I wrote this the first time he has probably reorganized it 5 times!
This is the before picture and has the tongue and groove soffit boards on top of it.
The flashing was applied (boring work really – digging a little trench for that and then back filling). The Typar was completed (it is always a windy day when working with that paper – why is that??) and then the lines snapped. We put up the “”base”” boards and the corner pieces. The actual 6″ cedar siding goes on so quickly that if it is a space without too many details you can just whiz along. Each window did need an extra piece of trim (to match the diameter of the house trim boards) so that was some fancy cutting and a bit of shim work to apply them. The east side cedar took us two Saturdays – too much time off for other things that needed to occur (like groceries, banking, a run for Typar and flashing). We started on the west side Sunday morning and between the two of us we got it about 2/3 done. This includes the priming of all the boards. So now we have a garage that is almost completely sided and primed white.
dogs with flashing.jpg
Breeze and Lucky resting against the flashing and the siding. Sometimes the dogs and the kitties lay down near each other but I can never get my camera out without disturbing any of them.
The soffit is now completely up and is 3/4 of the way thru it’s second coat of green. We have now sourced a venting material – not exactly what Ron wanted but what he could find. It painted up quite well and blends in nicely. That will be finished tomorrow morning as there are only one side left to do. Then I’d love to say it is onto the ginger root on the garage but now there are more trim pieces to do in green. We reviewed the historic pictures and discovered a trim board that sits between the soffit and the siding so that is up next. Fortunately we had just the right wood on hand to make that work.
soffit with siding half painted.jpg
This picture shows Ron, Spencer and Kalee putting up the soffit on a cool weekend. That project seems to go better if you are taller than 5’2″!
I’m really looking forward to getting the roller out with the ginger root color and going to work. I figure it will take about 3 days to put on the first coat and hope to do that the third week in June when Ron and I are off (haha – I wrote that quite some time ago when I started the blog – we are now into day 2 of 5 off and i am still on green!) ((Told you it never ends – it is now the end of day 4 and I still haven’t started the ginger root or got the blog published)). The windows and doors will slow me down as they are the forest green color that doesn’t apply nicely and needs so many coats but hope to get that done between now and the week off. There is so much wonderful light in June during the long evenings that loads of work can occur. Plus it seems to be done with snow and, for now, rain so working into the evening is all right as the night time low is about 12. (The days are long but you have to sleep and you can’t paint in the dark and you got it – Rome wasn’t built in a day!)
The next challenge for the garage is the second story siding which is the cedar shingles/shakes. Nice part of that is that because they are the Navajo red they don’t need to be primed so that saves one big step. We’ve borrowed some scaffolding to use for a few weeks which I guess is our fitness program – hauling stuff and us up and down. I’m personally hoping Spencer will be around to help lift those bundles of wood up to the scaffolding – but maybe I could look at is as my weight training program! Now we just need the weather to cooperate as working in the rain wasn’t part of the plan for this week off!
I would love to insert a picture here because I took some in the last 4 days but I just can’t fight anymore about uploading them into here so you will just have to use your imagination!
We did have to stop before we even started the cedar shingle siding and do some reference work with the pictures of the house in the 1920’s. There is a trim board under the soffit and between the horizontal cedar siding and the vertical cedar shingle siding. So we then had to decide how big it was and how big we were going to make it. This then lead to do we have the wood and what color is it going to be.
winter view late 50's.jpg
This isn’t the picture we used as reference (this one is from 1958) but you can see the trim boards (painted white) in the picture that I was referring to.
Once the garage is completed – which I really hope has happened by the end of June then we get to start on the house. I was seriously hoping to get three sides resided but Ron feels that is an unrealistic goal (which it totally is). We are starting with the kitchen (westish) wall which is only single story. Then we will move to the front door wall (eastish) and do 3 floors there. This is a fairly complex undertaking as we have to remove the vinyl siding (yeah!!), the old cedar siding, the ship lap and then spray insulation. We will then reapply the ship lap and put on new siding. Sounds easy hey! Maybe a titch time consuming but fairly straight forward. I think we might both have a minor heart attack at the cost of spray foam but not sure that we have any other options as well need the vapour barrier the spray foam applies. BUT I am getting ahead of myself. Less words more pictures.
So exactly one month after I started the blog I am hitting the publish button. Let’s just say that is long even by my “Rome” standards. I’ll try to better on the next one and hopefully the pictures will cooperate a bit better for me. As per usual feel free to leave comments or come for a visit (so we can take a break!).
Bernie and Ron

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice work guys, can’t wait to see more pictures of your trip. Good luck on the siding this summer


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