Beam Me Up – Ron!

I thought a few of the last title were rather boring so I thought of a good title this time to which my husband and project partner raised his eyebrows. BUT we spent the last three weekends working on the beams in the basement and in our room so it couldn’t be named anything else!
After roofing the garage last winter Ron decreed that we would work inside this winter. So I am trying to get us back on track to finish up that 10% of the work that takes 90% of the time – finishing work. We can’t make any progress on the windows as you need to be able to open and close them to stain and varnish them so that is a spring day job. The milling of those custom pieces might take longer! Up after that would be work in the basement but first that meant cleaning and organizing it somewhat. It seems that job needs to be done regularly – “stuff” just builds up as I noted that we had done that in December before the last blog update of the year.
So the storm doors have to stay (you have seen some pictures of their progress) and a couple of other projects that are works in progress (wip) also had to find room but otherwise it is a lot more spacious down there. That meant there was room for some RRSP’s – just kidding! The good four side hemlock (modern version of fir) is bloody expensive and we needed wide long pieces and many of them. So the money I had earmarked for the RRSP’s became our beams. But darn they look good!!
But first there was some insulation of heating lines that had to occur so two boxes later of insulation tubes and a couple of weekend days later that project was done. It is probably the first winter that the in-floor heat ever had to circulate in the basement – the heat from the pipes was amazing. Alyssa actually had to turn up her thermostat.
A nice view of the complicated mechanical wall and the newly insulated lines. The reason they had to be done before the ceiling and the beams is that they run above them.
That was not the only prep work that had to be done though. The steel beam needed to have wood bracing put on it to fasten the wooden trim to it. There were a couple of other spots that also needed some tweaking to be ready for the wood. So that took some time as well but then it was finally on to cutting, sanding, staining and installing or installing and staining (you will see the difference with the pictures and explanations).
You can see the steel beam with the wood struts for supporting the wood trim pieces. Ron is busy using a clamp to move one of the trim pieces over a smidgeon so that it was flush.</strong
So the basment beam trim boards – the tough part of the installation here was that we needed to straighten many of the boards in various locations on each board. So clamp, nail, unclamp, clamp, nail, unclamp and so on for the length of the board. Wood isn’t as straight as it appears ! Then all the holes were filled, sanded off and the stain applied. The boards themselves had been sanded before they were installed.
The mess can hit the floor or the applier (and it did). Now it screams out to get the t-bar and the tin ceiling tiles painted and installed but I’m 100% sure won’t occur until next winter.
Our bedroom beam was created when Ron and Cliff (Rempel Engineering) deemed that to remove the closet walls we should, to be on the safe side, put in a beam. So a really long ago Pat Buckley and I removed the walls and then one weekend when I was working Ron installed the beam. We didn’t finish it with drywall as we thought that wood would look better and be more appropriate. So a long time later Ron bought the wood (see note re RRSP’s!), cut it to size, sanded it and then I stained it. We did the staining in the basement as dripping stain or, heaven forbid, dropping the stain brush on the bedroom floor would not be nice!! So it was ready to go and up the ladder we went. INTERESTING SIDE NOTE – if you ever phone our house and we don’t answer the machine says we are probably up a ladder and can’t get to the phone!! So that’s where we were when the phone rang on Saturday morning – both up ladders at either end of the beam! No clamps needed here but we did have to mechanically lever on one board to get it flush on the bottom end.
The bedroom beam covered – the final piece of trim on the second floor installed. It looks great from a distance but picture number 2 tells a different story and resulted in a few choice words.
Picture # 2 shows how not all ceiling/walls/floors are level in a old house! So we will be requiring a small piece of quarter round or crown moulding to cover that edge!
So while we were in the trim mode I decided to get the main floor completed as well. This was only two little pieces of baseboard in the back porch – the first “impression” area that everyone walks in to. I doubt that many people noticed but … – we had to create them as that wall hadn’t jutted out to a door before. There was quite a bit of “Borden” house baseboard that I had finished last winter for the bedroom downstairs and so Ron cut and installed two of those pieces. They still need to have the varnish applied but darn it looks good!!
This completes the oustanding trim on the main floor. It was actually too sunny out and I had some issues with spots in the pictures (yes I do know what this “means” thanks to Susan!) or Lucky in the picture so this is the best one of the five that I took!
So now we are just doing some wip’s in the basement and some varnishing of the trim pieces that went up. I’ve called the carpenter who is going to do the doors as it is certainly nice out this week and then my phone crashed!! I’m not sure that I have his number here at home – it may have been on the computer when it crashed!! Oh yes technology! So this week we are off for some R & R (yes with capitals because it is going to be so much fun!) skiing at Fernie with Marian and Gord. So there won’t be any new updates for a while. Oh – and thanks to all of those who left comments on the last two entries. It is nice to know that it is being read and enjoyed. Kuddos to Megan who also noted the mitt on the top of the fence post – I guess when we print and frame that picture it should be cropped first!
PS that beam in our room is actually in the ceiling – yes indeed – it turned another picture on me. Oh well.

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4 Responses to Beam Me Up – Ron!

  1. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    It’s all looking pretty great Bernie! Happy skiing!


  2. Peggi says:

    Looking good guys! Have a great time skiing.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Great job guys, glad we can keep up to the progress through the blog. Have fun skiing, we are in 85F weather now in Casa Grande but heading north in one week.
    Gary and Cheryl


  4. Georgina says:

    I didn’t notice the trim stuff in the front entrance!!


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