Snowy Thoughts

Well I don’t think that I have really done any “complaining” posts about winter. For the most part both Ron and I enjoy winter. I truly appreciate the sun and the snow! The sun rises and sunsets are spectacular. We both have a hearty respect for the wind and what it can do to the landscape!
Here is a picture of the snow waves – although it is hard to appreciate how undulating they are!
I’ve given up my trail walking this year – too much snow and I wasn’t able to get out regularly enough to keep the trails beaten into submission with the wind blowing them away! We did get snow shoes for Christmas so that has been our new way to get out and about. You can still get pretty wet, cold and exhausted doing that. I’ve come up with these three snow shoeing rules.
* If the dogs want to lead let them – they are younger and have more energy!
* If the dogs crash through the snow – you are in trouble if you follow!
* If the older dog (Breeze) gets tired – I’m in trouble and it’s probably still a long way to home!
Having said all that – it really is a great exercise and some one on one time with the dogs.
There are no deer tracks around our place this year as they are busy eating up the neighbours wheat field he didn’t get in the bin. Seriously – they have hardly moved all winter. The track between the wheat field and the trees to the south of there is the only track that hasn’t blown in all winter. We have come so close to hitting them as they cross the road but fortunately it is lighter now in the morning when we go to work so most of the danger is past.
The tracks we found in the freshly blown snow on our trips out and about were of a different variety – I suspect it is the rabbits out foraging on the pond and in the trees. It looks like ski-doo (sleds to the younger generation) tracks that are all random in the field as they appear to have been just out running around for fun.
The dogs, of course, then had fun smelling everywhere that the rabbits had been. The dogs just plain have fun. They come home looking like snow balls albeit tired happy ones.
This is what kitties do while the rest of us are outside working or playing. They sit in the sunshine and watch us. Smart creatures but not smart enough to turn this picture the right way up – me neither tonight as I want to hit publish more than I want to fight with this photo so it can win~
While all of this can seem like fun the realities of winter can be a bit more harsh. We do have a tractor but unfortunately its home inside the garage is full of siding and soffit boards so this year it is non functional. For the past three winters we have survived with shovelling and the odd tractor clean up via Kevin. This year it has been a bit more challenging as we really do have a load of snow. Yesterday morning it blew right off the drift and covered the front of my car. About 3 weeks ago the portion up by Spencer’s old Mustang got “ahead” of us and we let it go (kind of like the wild oats – sometimes you just can’t win!) and have been backing up and driving in and out the same side of the circular driveway.
As you can see we (Ron more so than me as I can’t throw snow that high – and I had better mention Spencer also has spent some time out there) have been keeping a portion of the driveway passable but the pile is getting pretty darn tall.
In preparation for spring and the run off season we thought maybe it was time to do something about the driveway portion that was blown in so it doesn’t turn into a mud hole when it finally warms up. So I was going to phone our wonderful neighbour, Kevin Friske, and ask if he could come down with his tractor and bucket in exchange for a coffee and some freshly baked muffins courtesy of Delectable Desserts (Alyssa’s new venture) but before I got the call made there he was!! His tractor even had to work hard to get rid of the pile of snow and now it is blowing again like crazy outside so who knows what it will look like in the morning.
This view makes it look like the Wilkie Ford dealership on Rossmo Road (sorry Smith readers!) with all those vehicles. You can see the black Jetta that was buried yesterday am and the red Mustang up top. You can’t see how deep the snow is from this angle but it is a lovely picture of our friend and neighbour Kevin out doing our driveway for which we are extremely thankful.
We love visitors and are always happy when show up. Today we had visitors of a different sort and I just happened to look up at the right time. In this picture you should be able to spot three prairie grouse (hm – not sure I spelt that right!).
As I said we love visitors and are always happy when they show up for a long awaited visit. Here are the Smith “girls” in the kitchen playing Bananagram while Greta and Grayson play with the cash register in the front room. It was a lovely visit – some neighbours are also friends and the Smith family are definitely in that category.
So the last picture is my attempt at being creative. I spend some time reading a few blogs regularly and three of them have such fabulous photos (you know who you are as I always leave a comment about the photo composition or the color or intensity) that I decided to try my hand at posting a picture that wasn’t “construction” related. There is an old fence up in the pasture land that I love – the history and its lonely position on the prairie. In the spring it is surrounded by crocuses with tall grasses keeping it friendly in the summer and fall but in the winter all it has is snow. So we trekked out that way and took a couple of photos – lying down in the snow in the winter with no gloves and snow shoes on >> yep it was a challenge!! So then I did some editing and I will post it here for you all to look at and perhaps leave a comment about.
creative attempt 1 sepia.jpg
Artistically it is too bad that the dogs disturbed the snow in front of the fence before I took the photo.
So until spring comes hold on to the longer days and know that it (winter) can’t last past May – just joking. Relax. It’s supposed to warm up this week and even rain. To those of you that are already enjoying the first brushes of spring relish it. Winter is a pretty easy “penalty” to pay for living in such a wonderful place as Saskatchewan.
Bernie and Ron

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12 Responses to Snowy Thoughts

  1. Claire says:

    I, too, love that old bit of fence out there all by itself. The picture is terrific with the house peeking through the rails.


  2. Megan Middlebrook says:

    Very cool pic Bernie, add character the disturbed snow at the base and the glove on the top of post is cute too. Love the house in the distance nothing like the wide open spaces of the prairie. Hope to see you soon.


  3. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    I love your winter photos…and you fence photo is quite nice – I like that you can see your house off in the distance! We’ve been getting hungarian partridge skittering about in the clusters; very cute. Also watched a fox hunting in the field just below our house; they’re quite funny. I’m with you; spring can’t come too soon!


  4. Thelma Dunn says:

    nice pictures-looks like more snow than we have. The picture on the kitchen wall certainly looks good with a frame Love Mom


  5. Beverly Pavelich says:

    Your photos are great.
    I love looking at snow photos and how beautiful the Artwork can be from the wind.
    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Twylla says:

    If you ever get tired of all of the other things that keep you busy, you should take up writing…such a way with words! I love the fence picture too, and while it might have looked nice without the mitten and the disturbed snow, I happen to like them in the picture!


  7. Helen & Lorne says:

    I LOVE this fencepost picture – you should enter it somewhere – you might win a prize!


  8. Vicki Neufeldt says:

    Hi, Bernie:
    I do really enjoy your postings, even if I don’t reply much at all. Your whole house project is amazing. And it’s definitely worth while! Think how you’ll be able to look back on it in years to come, as you enjoy every great and small bit of it.
    As for your black-and-white photo, it is lovely. I don’t think the messed-up snow around the post detracts from it at all. Now the mitt on the fence post is a different matter! I hadn’t even noticed it until you mentioned it, but now that I see it, it’s got to go! Perhaps you could simply crop the top of the photo? I like the house in the distance, caught between the two bottom rails. Altogether a winner.


  9. kagould17 says:

    Country fence posts always add interest to rural winter shots. I had to laugh at the difference between your dogs’ and cats’ attitudes about snow. Dogs are all Yay, oh boy oh boy, look at all the fun we can have and cats just yawn and think it is all a bore to even move from the sunny window. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      I never noticed until much later that my mitt is on the top of the post and shows in the picture! I got a lot better later on about curating the pictures. Yes dogs love winter (or at least ours do/did) but the cats are happy to stay inside unless it’s to come cuddle with Lucky. They’ve gotten quite close over the years. Funny how many issues I used to have with pictures loading sideways. Wonder if they changed something as I have not had that issue in years! Thanks for the back reads & comments. Allan.

      Liked by 1 person

      • kagould17 says:

        I never had the sideways load issues, but I still see problems on some of the blogs I read. I wonder if it is more prevalent with photos taken on a phone. Cheers.


      • bernieLynne says:

        All of these issues I used too have were with photos taken on our good camera and uploaded into the computer. It has only been the last couple of years and on my personal blog that I have used my phone. Occasionally I feel like I should go back into the house blog and fix a lot of stuff but man that’s a BIG project! I am sure you have noticed all sorts of issues as I see them when I review it (after you comment). Hm — a winter project??


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