I’m surprised that it has taken me this long to do a post regarding water. As regular readers will know, early on, we drilled 5 test holes for a well and came up dry 4 times. The fifth time the water was so icky (technical word for sure) that we would have had to treat the heck out of it for it to be drinkable and usable. So we got a small tank from Hold On Industries and put it into our mechanical room. We then bought a smaller tank that fits in a quarter or half ton and spent a while hauling water. You can’t beat the price ($1.50/fill – tank needed 3 loads/week) and the location (about 6 miles south of here) but hauling in the winter is a cold miserable job and hauling with muddy roads and driveway can be dicey. So when the chance came to be part of the Highway 41 water utility we signed on. The initlal down payment was very reasonable and we had good hopes of being in the first wave as we are fairly near to some acerages but alas we were 1400m from our nearest line and 1200m was the cut off. So we waited a full year and eventually they came back. The weather last year wasn’t all that conducive and they would get one component done and then we would wait for the next company to come along and do their part. So early winter we got our curbside service in place and then in December we passed our pressure test. Following that we waited for the meter man to come and install the meter and the attachments for that. The final wait was for the plumber to do the work between the tank and the meter and then voila – no more hauling water.
Well it seemed simple enough and it worked out fairly well – easy to say when we haven’t had recieved our final bill for the installation nor our first water bill!
This picture shows the water line into the holding tank.
This is the meter and necessary attachments – don’t ask me what they all are. Not impressed with the extension cord to run it all though – guess I’d better get my electrician to fix that up as it is right in front of the door to the cold storage room.
So here is a quick blog update and it didn’t take me all evening to do it! Of course it is only one paragraph and two pictures!

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6 Responses to Water!

  1. Beverly Pavelich says:

    This is too exciting …Not to have to haul water!!
    Hope the bill isn’t too Big!!
    Having lived in the country I can truly appreciate this!!


  2. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    You’re on a blogging roll, girl! yep, the water around here is pretty gross. Don’t even want to use it for the horses! It’s definitely good to be on the water line!


  3. Melanie Rempel says:

    I know about water issues and water bills, we luckily found a good water source third time drilling(that was a big enough bill). We put a Reverse Osmosis system in. Hepburn is getting water finally but the rural people won’t be(that would have been an even bigger bill).
    We are on the home stretch on our project. 2 Bathrooms left, one being our en suite which will a HUGE tiling project. Then stone work when the weather gets nice , and then trim and shelves. Oh yeah and all our interior doors need to be hung…I guess those will be important …especially when our kids become teenagers!
    Anyways, things look awesome! Love your doors and the red color.


  4. Lisa Siemens says:

    I really enjoyed the pictures, I love your house. It is neat to see what you did with everything.


  5. kagould17 says:

    I lived on many farms in Manitoba and Alberta, where we had to rely on well water or even melt snow. Many of these sources met your official technical “icky” description. To this day, I am grateful for good running water without effort. Cheers. Allan

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    • bernieLynne says:

      I am constantly appreciative of the water situation but also conscious that we can run out if we over use as it is on a trickle system. Beats the heck out of hauling water or melting snow. Only issue we have is when we have long term power outages then we have no water but it’s one of those prices to pay for life in the country. So like you I am grateful when it all works and for your comments.

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