Well that doesn’t seem like a very inspiring title but it is the next blog entry so like it or leave it! I realized after reviewing a couple of blog entries it looked like we didn’t have any doors on the garage and we have also been busy working on some doors inside hence the title and the update.
Late fall (once the first snow had fallen and melted) we got our big garage doors put on. This meant we paid for them at Christmas time – wasn’t that lovely!! But it is a real treat to have doors that block out the snow and some of the cold. We also waited a while to put in the little door as we had to special order it. It was noted to me today that it seems a departure for us to use a modern door when an old one would do but the garage is new not old so while we did try to go with one that had some character new it is. I might give it a paint job in the summer – colour to be determined.
garage big door.jpg
One of the two big garage doors – seen here in the strong afternoon sunlight.
little garage door.jpg
It’s not the best quality picture but here is the little garage door – complete with modern lock! Sorry for the size of the picture – can’t seem to make it do what I want it to!
Last summer we took delivery of our four special order screen/storm doors and there they sat for numerous reasons. We tried to hire it out so that it would get done quicker and we would have some better protection for the winter – seems even with the inside track it is hard to find someone to hang new doors in old frames. So finally we have found someone but he only wants to come on a warm day to do it – which I can’t say I blame him. So in the meantime I have slowly been painting them. I have, perhaps, come to the conclusion that too much of anything in one day is hard on the body! I primed them all in one day – four screens, four storms and the four doors which rather set my back off. So now I try to do four screens one day and then four storms a few days later. This way it takes forever!! Following the painting of them I then have to turn them around and stain/varnish the inside. Then the screens can be installed on the four screen doors (and won’t it be lovely to catch a breeze thru the back door in the summer!) We have now found hinges for them but are still unsure what to do for locks/latches. We had a fairly big debate about colour. We have gone for the navajo red for all three main floor doors to offset the large amount of the gingerroot colour and the green but as of yet are still undecided what colour the balcony door on the second floor will be. The cedar siding changes to the shingle type part way up the second floor and will be the red so think perhaps the green or the gingerroot would be better to help the door have better definition.
front door red first coat.jpg
Here is the front door with the screen – this is after one coat of red. The color doesn’t show through really well in the photo – looks kind of orange. I’ve finished the second coat and tomorrow will go for the third coat. Hope it stops there!
In last spring’s entry titled “three flowered avens and an ark ” I have continued to work away at the door which may be the end of me!! I can’t update it with a picture as really the second side now looks almost like the first side which isn’t particularly good. I’m ready to actually call it quits but Ron won’t let me – he sees the potential. I’m actually thinking about using a heat gun on the detailed portion next to the glass – I’ve slipped off the wood so many times with the rasps that I’m concerned I’m going to break the glass. There are so many crevices and cracks in the wood I really wonder about the finished project and that’s if I ever get it finished. I have even stopped putting it on my to do list as it feels like the little progress I make isn’t worth crossing out even one letter!
Insert picture here – oh wait – there is no updated picture!! LOL
The door that has had the most progress made here can be seen in before and after pictures which is always exciting and appreciated by blog readers. Alyssa had no headboard for her bed and had seen a picture in a magazine of an old door turned into headboard. So in the late fall we went up into the garage loft and picked out a door (orginally from the basement at Davidson we think) and brought it into the house. Ron cut it down to size, Alyssa sanded it, I then stained and varnished it. Ron then cut panels for the five panel sections and upholstered them. He and Alyssa attached them to the door back and then Ron attached the door to the bed and voila!! It completes her room nicely.
headboard before.jpg
Here is the before picture – a door which shows some serious wear and tear if you look close.
completed headboard.jpg
Here is a look at the completed door installed – it looks totally awesome. It is very in keeping with the design philosophy we have for the basement of bringing something older into the newer looking areas. .
So that has been the entry for this week and I can say that I am very pleased that it took me so little time to do another blog update. I can also say, that it is obviously the blog site that has these techno issues with booting me out and yanking pictures around, as it is still doing it even with a new computer that seems to behave itself everywhere else. But I did perserve and the pictures are all now facing the right direction even though some of the sizes are a bit wonky. I’m not up to the standards of the daily bloggers but its only been a week since the last entry. I do wish I could find spellcheck on here though as I’m sure there are issues with words that I’m not seeing but neither Ron or I can find it on this new computer in this website. Oh well . I seriously doubt if this entry will get 8 comments – probably not as much excitement out there for doors as there are for old quilts and nicely furnished rooms!
Keep warm – spring in coming. Honest!!

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7 Responses to Doors

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the headboard , I’ve seen door ones before but not with the upholstered panels which is a nice touch and very practical too! The other doors that u r painting also are really nice looking. Thanks for the posting!


  2. Oh I love details on doors so much. Not a boring post at all! And the headboard is fabulous. We still don’t have one. I’ll be scouring garage sales this summer! ; )


  3. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Well, the doors may not be as exciting as the quilts, but I have to say that headboard is fabulous!!! I’m thinking I may have to do something like that as I want to update my bedroom furniture. Gorgeous!


  4. Laurel says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I haven’t read your blog for a while, but when I just did, I am blown away by how things have come along. No, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you two are well on your way to finishing your amazing castle! Beautiful work inside and out. I also love all your rooms and how they are finished with the furniture and paint colors, and then there are the quilts….the quilts are all such beautiful additions and are just the ‘icing on the cake’–WOW!!!! I LOVE it!
    I’ll have to come out for a visit again real soon and see all your progress in real life!
    Love ya,


  5. Peggi says:

    Awesome job getting the blog updated. I’m just not sure about you being “preserved”


  6. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    I like the doors! Every bit as interesting as the quilts! You’re working so hard and your house is just fabulous!


  7. kagould17 says:

    Great idea using the door for a headboard. It does look awesome, for sure. Allan


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